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Entr'acte: the ship from set 31109, and some small modifications. | by jan.kusters
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Entr'acte: the ship from set 31109, and some small modifications.

I changed the masts a bit, and the rigging quite a bit (2 pics, one with detail, one showing the full masts).


While the rubbery strings from the set worked rather well as ropes and shrouds, they did not allow minifigs to grab on. But I would very much like to pose minifigs up in the rigging.


So I am using 'old school' rigging (the oldest tapered ones).


It does not look great at the top end, using the old 'short' might be better. But this could be installed very easily with just exchanging two horizontal clip plates with one vertical clip plate. And most of the time, the top ends are pretty much covered from sight with sails...


I thought the technic connector-tube masts looked a bit skinny and were rather flexible.

To beef them up a little, I made 'stepped' masts with a mast and a top mast. With a set of plate connectors I was able to do that pretty much the way it worked on real ships.


Together with the rather massive rigging, this looks better in my view.


I also exchanged the grey spacers on the masts with half tubes (known as Technic, Liftarm Thick 1 x 1 spacer)


And finally I added a small derrick, a boom for lifting stuff with a rope and a grappling hook. This is mostly based on the original Black Sea Barracuda set.


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Taken on April 15, 2021