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Overweight : / ? | by AV8TER
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Overweight : / ?

A bit of a rant from me.


I really don’t tend to do these here at all and try to refrain from using my photo stream as a “blog” of some sort. But, this bent me the wrong way.


Normally I wouldn’t pay any mind to such things as this. However, after reading "this" I started thinking about my six year old daughter and the crap that she will be forced to deal with as she gets older.


I’m sure that some of you may have heard about this photo that was released by Ralph and company that shows this model above in a very distorted view. We all know that it is Photochop. But what is more disturbing is the fact the Ralph and company gave the green light on this. Is this what they think an attractive woman should look like? If I saw a woman walking around looking like this I would think that she was sick or had a disease.


Apparently Ralph Lauren fired this model because he seems to think she is “overweight.” Now… I want to ask all of you Flickr peeps this question.


Do you believe that a woman that is 5’ 10” tall weighing 120 pounds is “overweight?”


I will tell you this. In my book a woman that is 5’ 10” weighing 120 pounds falls well into the category of “skinny” or “fit” if you like. I think that this is just one of the issues that the women of today are forced to deal with. Having such garbage crammed down your throats all the time. Are they telling, not just women but men as well, that if a woman is not smaller than 5” 10” and weighing well under 120 pounds that she is not now, or can not be attractive in the future?


This is just crazy. Who is he to tell us what is beautiful or not? What does he know?


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Uploaded on October 14, 2009