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I Found a Life More Meaningful Than Making Money | by Mission Chen
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I Found a Life More Meaningful Than Making Money

Christian testimonies | I Found a Life More Meaningful Than Making Money (Audio Essay)

Lately a saying on the internet has been popular, “Without money, how will you support your family ties, solidify your love, and connect with your friends? With your words? Forget it! People are too busy for that!” In a society turned entirely to money, everything is dominated by such pragmatic considerations, everything material and immaterial are tokens that can be exchanged for money, and the number of bills in your pocket decide your value and status. If you have much money, others will scramble to serve and flatter you, but having no money makes others look down on you and make friends and relatives avoid you. As the saying goes “In time of prosperity, friends will be plenty; in time of adversity, not one amongst twenty.” More and more people use money to evaluate everything, believing that only being wealthy can express their individual value and allow them to live a superior life, so many people become slaves to money, willing to sacrifice everything to get more money, even their lives, health, and personal dignity. Once, I didn’t know what was the most meaningful life, so working to make money became my goal, until the day a serious illness brought sudden understanding, made me realize the dark actor behind money, and helped me find a more meaningful life than making money.

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Uploaded on January 26, 2019