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HMS Locust (1939) | by tormentor4555
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HMS Locust (1939)

HMS Locust was a river gunboat of the Royal Navy, one of the Locust class of four gunboats, named after the locust, an insect.


Launched on 28 September 1939 and commissioned on 17 May 1940, she survived the Second World War despite being severely damaged multiple times, including taking a shell hit in Operation Overlord.


Locust had a central, but previously uninterpreted, role in Operation Jubilee, the raid on Dieppe, France in 1942. She was under the command of Commander R.E.D. Ryder VC, who had previously attacked the drydock at St. Nazaire in Operation Chariot. In recent research by Canadian Prof. David O'Keefe, the entire Dieppe raid is explained as an intelligence gathering raid specifically to capture an example of the new German 4-rotor Enigma code machine. She carried 200-odd RM commandos, which O'Keefe claims included a previously unknown group, 30 Assault Unit, as part of 40 Commando. Her shallow draft would be necessary if she was to breach the central port structures. However defensive fire was withering and the ship was unable to proceed.


She was placed in reserve from 1946 until 1951 when she was converted to a drill ship for the Royal Naval Reserve and used for training. In 1968 she was finally decommissioned and sent to the breakers.


she was part of the raid on Dieppe, she was supposed to take back the Britian the secret Greman Enigma and code books but they were never captured, the Dieppe raid was about capturing these Enigma & Codes. ,Class and type: Locust-class gunboat

Displacement: 585 tons

Length: 197 ft (60 m)

Beam: 33 ft (10 m)

Draught: 5 ft (1.5 m)

Propulsion: 2 x Parsons geared turbines

3,800 s.h.p.

2 x 78 inch, 3 bladed propellers

3 x rudders

Speed: 17 knots (20 mph; 31 km/h) (max)

Range: 90 tons of fuel

Complement: 74

Armament: Upper platform:

1 x BR 0.5 inch quad barrel machine gun (1939-1946)

2 x Orelikon 20mm Mk VIIIA machine gun (from 1946)

Battery deck:

1 x BR 4 inch QF Mk V gun (1939-1946)

1 x 25 pdr gun (from 1946)

1 x 3.5 inch Howitzer (1939-1941)

1 x 2 pdr 4 barrel pom-pom (from 1941)

2 x 2 inch deck-mounted mortars

Main Deck:

1 x BR 4 inch QF Mk V gun (from 1939)

1 x 0.5 inch quad barrel machine gun (1939-1946)

1 x Orelikon Mk VIIA machine gun (from 1946)


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