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Why You Would Need Wisdom Tooth Removed | by octaviomccreary
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Why You Would Need Wisdom Tooth Removed

The major reason for the requirement of wisdom teeth removal turns out to be the lack of room in the dental area. #Wisdom_teeth are the third molars which erupt after all of the teeth are fully erupted. After the eruption of second molars, most of the people find out that their mouths do not have enough of the room to welcome their wisdom teeth. As a result, the wisdom teeth start erupting in an awkward angle, causing problem for the neighboring teeth. In many situations, this eruption can result in misalignment of teeth in the mouth. Dentists analyze your oral cavity to check whether or not you need to get your wisdom teeth removed. In many situations, the dentist may suggest removal of wisdom teeth before they erupt. And in many situations, the removal may be necessary after the teeth are fully erupted.


How to tell if you need your wisdom tooth pulled out

There is a way you can check if the eruption of wisdom tooth is going to be problematic for you. You have to use mirror in order to look into your #mouth. With this quick analysis, you may be able to know if you have enough of room for the wisdom tooth. Moreover, you can place your finger between second #molar and the back of your mouth. If your finger can fit in the place, there may be enough space for the wisdom tooth to erupt. Still, you might not be able to tell based on this quick analysis that this eruption is going to be problem free. Therefore, getting your oral cavity fully checked by your dentist is quite essential. Your dentist will tell whether your wisdom teeth are erupting vertically or in an angled position. This analysis is usually done with the help of dental x-rays.


Going to the dentist

You need to visit the #dentist in order to know if you need your wisdom tooth pulled out. It is also important because you will be able to ask some questions from the dentist. Asking these questions will help you get prepared for the procedure and the complications involved in the procedure. These questions include:


•The number of wisdom teeth which you need removed from your oral cavity.

•Any general and specific risks involved in the procedure of wisdom teeth removal

•Everything involved in the recovery process after the tooth is pulled out.


You need to call your dentist to get your appointment fixed. You may be able to get emergency appointment if wisdom tooth is causing severe pain in your mouth.

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Uploaded on September 30, 2018