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How to Defend Against Online Plagiarism | by harrisxiong
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How to Defend Against Online Plagiarism

There is no doubt in anyone's mind that the internet has opened many doors to unlimited opportunities in this world. In fact, if we take away the internet today, the world would almost certainly go crazy because of our reliance on this #powerful tool. However, with its many benefits and conveniences, the internet also has its many downsides. One of those downsides, which is also one of the most significant, is plagiarism or online content theft. What is spectacular about this downside is that is has been around far before the internet came around. Before the internet, cases of #plagiarism and #content theft was a real problem for content creators. Needless to say, it was much easier to get away with is back then. Nowadays, considering how large and vast the internet is, plagiarism is harder to get away with but is still a major problem. In many ways, we can say that content theft has evolved with the times and is here to stay. Also, until we find a 100% proven and effective way to deal with content theft, there is no sure way we can say that content theft is not here to stay. Nonetheless, there is no argument in the fact that there needs to be more emphasis on this issue that continues to plague many smart, unique, and creative content creators today. In addition, we can't forget the fact that with the advancement of the internet, content is a much more broad and diverse world. What this means is that content has many forms such as video creation, animation, Blog content, and other forms of new content that has created itself with advances in the internet. In turn, this also means that plagiarism also has many different forms along with the many different contents available. If there is one silver lining in all of this is that there are many tips and information that can help us avoid online plagiarism. So, here are 5 ways to defend against online content theft


Content theft tips and ways to avoid it

In an article by and this issuelink text, the article breaks it down into 5 essential ways to defend against this type of crime. However, before getting into these 5 tips, the article makes it clear how large and vulnerable content marketing has become nowadays. Specifically, the article discusses how with a worth of over $300 billion, the content marketing industry has more of a spotlight than ever before. Because of this, it has to lead to a spotlight on plagiarism that has also never been seen before. Nevertheless, here are the 5 essential steps to prevent plagiarism, according to the article. First and foremost, the article discusses the importance of developing a writing style. That's brilliant, tip number one is creating a writing style that is easily recognizable to other people. In this case, if your content is stolen, people can point it out. Tip number two is not forgetting to name each end every content you produce. Although this seems like an obvious tip, people do get plagiarized because they simply forget to credit themselves. Because of the simplicity of the next three, there is no sense in explaining them. Regardless, the next three tips are to watermarking your content, adding a copyright notice to your content, and finally adding plugins for extra protection. In summary, plagiarism is still around but, there are ways to prevent it to ensure a happy and profitable content creating experience.

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Uploaded on April 19, 2018