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The Practicalities of Moving in Together | by stewartking404
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The Practicalities of Moving in Together

When a relationship takes the next step and cohabitation is on the table it will mean joining households from silverware to #furniture. Thinking about doing it and even planning a housewarming party is fun until it is time to pack up one household goods to merge it with the other partner's belongings. This is when some tips for moving are extremely helpful.


The Reasons

Deciding to move in together might be an easy decision, but it should also be for the right reasons. Spending time at a partner's house and keeping a toothbrush there is not enough of a reason in the scheme of things. Just like both people saving on rent is not a good reason even if half of the time together is spent at one person's home, since the other half of the time is spent separately. #Moving in together will change the dynamic of the relationship, which means there should be a real discussion about if it is the right time to move the relationship forward.


Moving to Where?

Once the decision is discussed and it is agreed the reason to move in together is to further the relationship. The next step the next decision will need to be whose home to move into or will you both move to a new house. When moving to a new house there is the advantage of having the feeling of "our home" rather than their house or my house. It is a shared home, instead of a house that is already decorated, furniture and other #household items in place with the person moving in only merging their belongings. There is no feeling of room being made in a dresser drawer or closet, instead with a new place it is putting everything together in its place. It is a blending of two separate lives and this will mean packing up both households into Cardboard Boxes.


The Fun Part of Adult Decisions

Moving in together can be exciting and fun to consider but then the reality of being an adult must be discussed. One topic should be whose name or will both be on the lease and utilities? This includes finances and how bills would be handled. This should be done prior to packing the first Cardboard Boxes or signing a lease. Will the rent and other bills be paid fifty-fifty or will the partner with a higher income help by paying extra? Who will be paying the bills and how will groceries be split and who will do the shopping? Whose name or will both names be on the utilities? Having this discussion is essential to avoid problems later after moving everything in and finding out these things create friction or worse by affecting credit when utilities are turned off.


The next part of the discussion should include the rules, such as who will be responsible for laundry, cleaning, taking out the trash and other chores. This may seem a silly part of the conversation but it is important to be clear who will be expected to be responsible or will all the chores be shared. Does one partner get home from work earlier than the other and can make meals? Does one partner have weekends off that will clean? Adult decisions are not always fun but are practical #conversations to have when moving into one house.



Decorating is one of those situations that one partner may have ideas of what they want while not considering what the other person wants. This is another conversation that should be had to ensure both partners are happy about the move.


The other important part of moving in together is having a private space, whether it is to read, surf on the computer or does some kind of craft or hobby. Even people living together need some apart time when at home after the newness wears off.

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Uploaded on April 12, 2018