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Dental Bridges and the Way They Work | by octaviostout
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Dental Bridges and the Way They Work

While your #smile is whole, you don’t need to worry about anything. However, you may need to think about different options if you lose one or multiple teeth. The immediate thing you will be concerned about is the smile. You wouldn’t want any gap in the smile so that you maintain you confidence level while speaking to the people around you. In long term, the missing tooth can result in a number of complications which can result in vulnerability of other teeth as well.


One of the most common solutions is to get dental bridge in your mouth. Here, it would be worth discussing what dental bridge is and how it works.


What is a dental bridge?

When you lose a tooth, you can consider dental bridge as an option for r#estoration. #Dental_bridge can also help when you have a gap between the teeth. This gap can make neighboring teeth getting loose. So, getting bridge in place can save other teeth from falling down.


There are different types of bridge to talk about. First type includes the traditional dental bridges. This bridge holds one or more fake teeth between two crowns which are fitted on the natural teeth. Thus, those natural teeth work as the anchors. Special cement is used for the attachment of crowns on the teeth.


Another type of bridge you can get is known as cantilever bridge. This bridge is used for the restoration when there only one tooth that can be used as anchor.

Another type to talk about is the Maryland dental bridge. This bridge uses more conservative approach as it uses porcelain or metal framework to hold the fake tooth or teeth. However, these bridges are not quite strong.


The final type of bridge is the implant supported bridge. As the name suggests, this is the bridge is supported by one or more implants. It is pretty much like traditional bridge but it offers the bite force you need to chew your foods properly.


Placing of dental bridge

One thing that you have to keep in mind about the dental bridges is that they do not require any #surgical process unless the dentists deal with implant-supported bridge. Only numbing of the gums would be enough to make the process painless. Some patients may not be able to open mouth for too long. Minimal sedation may be required in this scenario in order to relax the patient.


The procedure starts with the measurement of your teeth. The impression is taken on foam like material in order to determine the shape of required faux teeth. When the bridge is ready, small amount of tooth enamel is etched from the anchor teeth in order to make them accommodating the crowns. Special cement is then used for fixing of the bridge.


If you lose a tooth and you wonder about the type of restoration you can go for, you can visit your dentist to get complete details about the treatment you can get.

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Uploaded on September 21, 2018