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Ways to lower your shipping costs | by margaritobillings
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Ways to lower your shipping costs

Shipping is an essential activity for all #business. It is the only way the goods can reach to customers or the company itself. As such, it is crucial to pay keen attention to the whole #logistic issues for any business. Since logistics is a significant business expense, any organization needs to put measures in place to ensure that it is sustainable for both the short-term and the long-term. This is more pronounced in small businesses which have little money to spend. They worked with small budgets and hence they must make sure that logistics related expenses do not halt the operations of the entire firm. If the business engages in a lot of shipping, this expense can be classified as a fixed cost. It needs to be kept at its bare minimum. The savings realized from such cost-cutting measures can be directed to other areas such as marketing and business expansion. So what precisely can a business cut its shipping costs?


Consider the shipping speed.

Obliviously, if you ship within 24 hours, you will incur a lot of costs. Not all #merchandise needs to be sent within this short time frame. For documents like parcels which are time sensitive, it is advisable to use express courier services. However, for merchandise which is not required urgently, you do not need to use these expensive courier services. If you sell online, make sure that you factor in the shipping cost by considering the weekends and public holidays. Keep in touch with the rates of the various shipping firms since they lower or increase their prices now and then.


Consider holidays

With November approaching, it is good to plan for your deliveries. The holiday season is marked with many non-delivery days. Your clients still want the merchandise. Consider shipping before these holidays. It will be cheaper and convenient for your clients. There is no need of waiting for these holidays so that you can pass on these costs to your clients. It will hurt your enterprise.


Enroll in business rewards programs.

If you ship frequently, you can take advantage of the business rewards program. Consider sending high volumes since the cost per unit is much lower. The more you spend on shipping, the more you get rewarded by these programs. Consider this option also.


Package your goods in the right packages

Large boxes attract higher costs. Do not make the mistake of packaging small items in large Shipping Boxes since you will pay expensively for nothing. You need to visit the courier offices to get the right boxes so that you can save on this #shipping cost.


Do not use all your packaging materials

If you purchase these Shipping Boxes regularly, do not use all of them. Use quantity which you require and keep the rest for future usage. Next time when you ship, it will be easier and more convenient for you to package your items and take them to the courier services. You will save money in the process.


Proper planning is equally important in the whole shipping process. You need to always have your merchandise ready before the shipping date. As such, you will minimize the risk of leaving some of the items undelivered. Since you will need to ship them again, it will add more costs to your business. Also, consider checking the different times of the year when the shipping charges are lower.

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Uploaded on September 16, 2018