TEDx York 2018 BLURRED REALITIES. Everyman Cinema, York, UK, 16th Nov 2018
Constructed Realities, The Relationship between Tech and Truth
In this first session we will explore how memories are anchored, how we both engage with and protect ourselves from the world around us, and how technology can affect and reflect different kinds of truth.

Enhanced Realities
This session will explore the realities from the perspective of others who share our world e.g. the humble bumble bee. We will also learn how we can enhance our reality using our senses in different ways e.g. in food and drink. Finally we will discover a new world of choices and consequence.
Blurred Realities
The final session explores the opportunities and threats on the horizon from our accelerating world of immersive and virtual reality, enhanced experiences and artificial intelligence. How does our sense of humanity fit with this new world and should we be excited or very very afraid!
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