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4 Halloween Candies That Can Be Dangerous | by renatothornburg
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4 Halloween Candies That Can Be Dangerous

Halloween is upon us. You know what that means, all the little ones will be stuffing their faces with as much candy as they can get a hold of. While all candy has high amounts of sugar and should be given to children in limited amounts, there are some types of candy that can cause tooth damage and that should be eaten extra carefully.


Taffy, Caramel and other Extra Sticky Candies

As delicious as these chewy, sticky candies can be, they’re a nightmare for fillings and orthodontic hardware. For kids with braces, the candy can get caught behind and around brackets, making brushing difficult and leaving sugary candy pressed right up against the enamel of their teeth for an extended period of time. And candy that is particularly sticky, it can even pull out fillings! More likely though is the chance that the candy will get stuck between teeth and increase the likelihood of cavities.



They’re called jawbreakers for a reason! Similar to sticky candies, jawbreakers can spell trouble for orthodontic hardware. Jawbreakers are designed to dissolve over an extended period of time and trying to bite them, at best, has no effect and, at worst, can lead to broken brackets or wires or even chipped teeth. If your children are eating jawbreakers, be sure to supervise them and keep an eye out for any attempts to bite into or break a jawbreaker before it has been sufficiently dissolved down to size.


Hard Candies

Similar to jawbreakers, hard candies can lead to broken orthodontic hardware or a sore jaw. But unlike jawbreakers, some types of hard candies dissolve into extremely sticky remnants that can stick to teeth or braces, more like a piece of taffy or caramel. Really, they can turn into the worst combination of a sticky candy and a jawbreaker! Also, for particularly young children, be aware that some types of hard candy, after they’ve been sucked or chewed on for a while, will shrink down into glass-like shards that can cause cuts to the gums or the inside of a child’s cheek.


Lollipops, Suckers or Rock Candy

Any kind of candy on a stick offers a unique concern. Many kids are likely to dip into their halloween candy while trick or treating and will suck on a lollipop while running from house to house. However, with dwindling daylight and the race to collect as much candy as possible, it’s more likely that children will trip and, if they have a lollipop in their mouth, the stick can cause injuries when they fall. The worst offenders are rock candy, which usually has a wooden stick, or some high end lollipops that use a plastic stick. Just like with scissors, it’s not wise to run with candy.


Halloween can be a magical time for children as they let their imaginations run wild and hope for a treasure trove of candy. But, as parents, it’s important to be vigilant of the candy our kids are eating, and how they’re eating it. And it may not be a bad idea to schedule a trip to the dentist sometime in November too!


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Uploaded on November 7, 2018