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Bonding or Crown – What’s The Right Choice | by bessietspence
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Bonding or Crown – What’s The Right Choice

Modern dentistry has been able to provide so many options that you may get confused which option to go for. The two most common dental procedures to talk about in this regard are bonding and crowning of teeth. These two options aim at protecting, repairing and improving the health and appearance of teeth.


While you can always discuss with your #dentist regarding what option could work best for you, you need to have some knowhow about the both options before you visit the dentist to have this discussion. Having that said, a bit of comparison between the both would elaborate thing in an ideal way.


Why you may need bonding or crowning?

It is worth knowing about why you may need crowning or bonding at first place. You may be amazed to know that basically the reasons for bonding and crowning are usually the same. Some of those reasons may include:


•Need for protection of a weak or #decayed #tooth

•Need for the chips or cracks on the teeth to be repaired

•Need for improvement of misshapenness of teeth

•Making the teeth to have appropriate size

•Need to for the replacement of filling


Now, you may be able to make a better decision about the right choice while having advantages and disadvantages of both in mind.


Dental bonding

Dental bonding is a process which involves direct #application of resin on the teeth. You and your dentist can choose the right color before the bonding material is prepared. Resin is applied in small amounts and then hardened with the high-intensity light. After hardening, the bonding is then smoothened and polished.


The biggest advantage of dental bonding is that it is the simplest option to restore your teeth. The process is quite non-invasive. Even if there is a bit of discomfort involved in the process, it goes away almost immediately. Dental bonding doesn’t require more than one appointment.


The major disadvantage of dental bonding is that the treated area stains pretty quickly. And it is not the most durable option you can go for. It means that it is not going to last for many years.



Crowning is the process of covering a severely damaged tooth with a cap which is usually made of ceramic material, porcelain, or metals. It entirely depends upon you or your dentist’s recommendation regarding what option to go for.


If you are aiming for the durability of restoration, crowning is one of the best options to consider. This option is quite durable as compared to bonding because it can last for 15 years before needing replacement. Moreover, crowns rarely get stained due to the fine quality of material used.


Talking about the disadvantages, the first to talk about is the possibility of crown getting misfit. When that happens, you will not have comfortable time while eating or chewing. This crown can get loose or even fall off. Nevertheless, this problem has not remained to be a bigger concern thanks to the skillfulness of dentists and advancements made in the field of dentistry. Secondly, a crown may obviously be expensive but the price justifies the benefits a crown can provide.


So, what to go for

You will have to see what option can provide you more benefits as compared to the disadvantages. It may also depend upon the level of expertise of the dentist you are consulting. You can also discuss both of these options with your dentist and then ask for the right one.

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Uploaded on November 1, 2018