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What To Consider When Creating Packaging Design For Your Brand | by maximomatheny
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What To Consider When Creating Packaging Design For Your Brand

One of the things you should never underestimate when you are getting into business is the power of packaging your brand well. Think of how big companies are able to sell their products while riding on brand names. What most people do not know is that these companies put a lot of effort and strategy in the packaging and presentation of the #products. When they merge the brand name and the packaging, the result is good sales. If you want to join the team of businesses that get it right, some of the things you should consider doing include:


1. Know your story from the start:

Every business has a story. When you are thinking of #packaging a brand, bear in mind the story you want that brand to tell. Are you going to project the image of hope? Is your brand all about sleekness? What drives your company, and where do you see yourself in more years to come? These questions will help you focus on how to develop your packaging.


2. Make your product have a personality:

Before you start buying packaging supplies, think of your brand as your baby who you want to mold into perfection. The packaging you choose should tell a powerful story. It should not just be a means of presenting product, but rather, your way of building a relationship with your customer. They should be able to see your product and identify it immediately due to the personality it oozes.


3. Appreciate the beauty of simplicity:

When developing packaging for your brand, the temptation to put everything you like on the package can be overwhelming. You may have beautiful designs in mind, and may feel like you need to pour them all into one product. Resist that temptation. You will end up confusing the eyes of those who want to buy your items. Pause and think of some of the most popular brands in the market. You will realize that their packaging is simple and easy to understand.


4. Consistency is key:

For people to develop brand loyalty, you have to give them something consistent. They will not keep coming back if you are flaky. It all starts with the packaging supplies you use. Do not keep alternating quality and concept. When people are coming to buy your products, they want to recognize you right from the packaging. If you keep changing, then they are likely to move to the next consistent brand. Consistency is often equated to seriousness.


5. Put effort in your packaging:

Remember that your packaging is the first interaction the customer will have with your product. What message do you want them to get when they hold it? If the packaging is cheap, they will probably disregard the entire product. When you are developing a concept for your brand, put a lot of thought on the packaging. It should appeal to the emotions of potential buyers.


Never forget the #magic of a brand. Even the big companies started as obscure small brands that grew popular with time. Look at what they do differently, and how much time and thought they invest on the packaging. Do not be afraid of checking out the packaging design your competitors have. You can then do a comparison and strive to offer something different.


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Uploaded on August 3, 2018