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Is It Safe To Give Children General Anesthesia Before Dental Treatment? | by efrainmuncy
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Is It Safe To Give Children General Anesthesia Before Dental Treatment?

In some situations, it might get necessary for your child to undergo complex dental treatment. These #treatments tend to be longer than normal treatments. So, the dentist may decide to give your child general anesthesia in order to put them to sleep. Here, you may wonder if this administering of general anesthesia is safe for children.


A few things are worth discussing in this regard.


Is general anesthesia safe for kids?

Despite what many people believe, general #anesthesia is quite safe for kids. It is actually a way to put a person sleep for short duration so that invasive treatments remain painless during that duration. Once the effect of those medications wears off, the person awakes. Apart from the fact that it is safer way to put a person to sleep, the doctors and dentists consistently monitor the status of major systems in the body through different gadgets.


Type of medication to administer the sedation

There are different types of medications used simultaneously in order to administer #sedation. The purposes of these medications include sedation, inducing a state of amnesia, making sure that patient is quiet, and keep the patient away from the pains of treatment. General anesthesia puts your child to sleep in a way that all four purposes are fulfilled.


Effects of anesthesia to the brain

After the administering of anesthesia, your child may go through the #conditions such as drop in saturation or lack of oxygenation. These are the conditions which tend to happen normally during this type of sedation. Although these conditions are not quite harmful for the growth of your child’s brain, dentists still monitor the status through different screens which display the working of different systems.


Residual effects of anesthesia

Now, you may wonder if there are any residual effects of anesthesia after the treatment is over. Well, it depends upon the length of the treatment. Typically, the anesthesia is maintained with the help of a gas which is to be inhaled by the patient. In order to make the effects of anesthesia to diminish, the gas mask needs to be removed. As soon as the lungs become free of any gas, the effects also wear off.


Vomiting after the procedure

Many people start vomiting after the sedation is over. This is the general side effect of sedation but it is nothing compared to the benefits which your child can have after the treatment is successful. Moreover, these side effects remain there for not more than an hour or two. However, if the vomiting condition extends beyond the normal time duration, your child may be given an anti-nausea medication.

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Uploaded on October 10, 2018