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Mouth Sores

Its starts with a slight discomfort in your mouth and turns in to a burning sensation and you realize you will suffer pain in the next few days. These are very frustrating as they can occur anytime. #Aphthous ulcers form on the inner lining of the cheeks, on the inner side of lips and underneath the tongue. These are non-contagious and generally round or oval in shape. It is difficult to identify the clear cause of the Aphthous ulcer. These might reoccur but their interval of reoccurrence is irregular. The usually last for a week or two and then things get back to normal.


People sometimes confuse Aphthous #ulcers with cold sores. Cold #sores are caused by herpes simplex virus and the difference between the two is as follows:


Aphthous ulcers

•Occur on the inner lining of the mouth, inner side of cheeks lips and underneath tongue.



Cold sores

•Occur on the outer side of lips



Where do they come from?

Sores can occur at any time and may form on multiple areas. Although we cannot fully prevent them but understanding some of the causes can help reduce the chances of their occurrence. Some of the triggers are as follows:


Hormone Changes

Women sometimes experience sore formation before their period.



There are a number of diseases that are stress induced. Some times when we are experience #stress it causes the outbreak of Aphthous ulcer. Although it’s very hard to maintain a stress free life however it is recommended to try and have as minimum stress as possible to stay healthy and away from all these problems. There are several measures one can take to reduce stress in life. Exercise and yoga are the most commonly ways used to reduce stress. Getting close to nature every once in a while also helps relieve stress.



There are a lot of #genetic disorders in nature similarly there are a lot of genetic diseases and conditions. There are some families which have it in their genes to have mouth sores.


Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies

Vitamin and mineral deficiencies can also cause mouth sores. Deficiency or low levels of vitamin B12, calcium, iron and selenium are linked to Aphthous ulcer.


Systemic Diseases

There are certain diseases like reactive arthritis, #Behcet’s disease coeliac disease and crohn’s disease that include conditions like mouth sores.



Certain medications have side effects that cause mouth sores. These include but are not limited to the following:

•Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen

•Chemotherapy agents

•Beta blockers (these are used to treat certain heart diseases and high blood pressure)



Strangely so, your toothpaste can also cause mouth sores, generally #tooth pastes use a foaming agent known as sodium lauryl sulfate> this is known to cause mouth sores in some people. Some tooth pastes have mint flavoring which sometimes causes mouth sores.



There are certain foods that are known to cause mouth sores. These include spicy foods, chocolate, coffee, peanuts, strawberries, almonds, wheat flavor and cheese. Dietary habits can also lead to sore formation in mouth. Keeping a healthy diet, free from extra spices helps prevent sore formation. Having healthy foods at right time really helps. Some people say that mouth sores are formed due to acidity in stomach.


Tips for reducing disruption:

•Avoiding spicy foods during the outbreaks slows the sore activity.

•Using prescribed ointments (Oragel, Kanka Zilactin B etc)

•Mix ¼ cup hydrogen peroxide in ¼ cup of water add 1 tsp baking soda, and 1 tsp sal to prepare a rinse and use it on sores.

•Tea also helps some people get relief from sore pain.

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Uploaded on November 15, 2017