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When my now ex-boyfriends kids moved into my little tiny mobile home they just didn’t get the concept of how sound can carry in them. When I left the room all kind of crazy stuff would be said. They would turn evil. And when I call them on it they would act all innocence and wonder how I knew. There was never a dull moment and I do miss them.

Nick-20 when nick moved in with me the ONLY time you heard him talk was when I left the room. He was so shy that for 6 months not 2 words were said

Cory-18 when I would leave the room Cory would head for the kitchen and all you would hear is the banging of dishes. He loved his food

Zach-15 he is the lover boy. They weren’t allowed on Facebook but I’d go in the other room and that’s the first thing he would do. Then talk about it. I would know just because I would hear him tell the others

Ryan-11 he is a really sweet player when you leave the room his voice drops and octave and he starts blackmailing all the others. Then transformation is quite disconcerting

Sydney-11 sweet Sydney she could keep four older brothers in check. She was the tattler. You would hear her tell the boys if they didn’t be good she would come tell me.


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Taken on May 24, 2012