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GreyFleet007-Intercept Orbit-Long Range Capital Ship | by Maranar bricks
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GreyFleet007-Intercept Orbit-Long Range Capital Ship

Lego Fleet for Mobile Frame Zero: Intercept Orbit.


Youtube Presentation:


Terran Defense Union Fleet


The TDU values their assets and uses defensive tactics to gain the upper hand in any conflict. Each ship is equipped with defensive systems, based on their shield ring technology. Nevertheless, Terran Command knows the importance of offensive capabilities and tries to balance these within their ship designs.


//>Designation: TDU Malteriton

//>Combat Role: Long Range Capital Ship


#System01: Support Range Weapon - Railgun

#System02: Communication Sensor

#System03: Communication Sensor

#System04: Defense - Shield System

--Description: This slow and hulking capital ship is the seat of the commander and designated as mobile command center. She is equipped with a long range railgun and sophisticated sensor equipment, allowing the commander to collect intricate sensor data of the surrounding space and objects.


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Uploaded on September 7, 2018