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28+ Ways to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards | by millionairemob
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28+ Ways to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards


Getting an Amazon gift card nowadays is basically like receiving cash. Here are 28+ amazing ways to get free Amazon gift cards.


28+ Ways to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards


Today, there are a dozen ways to make money online. You can earn up to$100 or more worth of free Amazon gift cards. Just like the many apps that pay you real money, there are apps out there that will give you free gift cards. Gift cards nowadays are basically like cash (especially with Amazon). You can get any good that you want via Amazon.


In this article, we will offer you some valuable tips to help you get free Amazon gift cards.


Why Amazon Gift Cards?


Amazon has transformed our way of shopping and is expanding at an incredible rate. It is the future of retail. Having been started several years ago as a bookstore, Amazon has become the one-stop shop for consumers.


With Amazon, you can shop online from the comfort of your home. It offers us an excellent level of convenience where you can browse the items you want online, place an order and it gets delivered to you within a few days.


After the acquisition of Whole Foods, that opened a door (no pun intended) into how we will consume our groceries. Here is an awesome shopping hack at Whole Foods I learned from a combination of the below items.


On Amazon, you can get almost anything and nearly for the lowest markets prices. With free Amazon gift cards, you can order your favorite product for free. Who doesn’t love that? I can get my groceries to some cool gadgets for my home.


Isn’t that interesting? You may now be wondering how you can receive these free Amazon gift cards. Well. There are numerous apps to get free gift cards.


One of the best ways to earn a free Amazon gift card is by participating in surveys where you get awarded points that you can redeem for free Amazon gift cards.


Another exciting way to earn free Amazon gift cards is by downloading the free gift card apps. Then, you can earn points by completing easy tasks including offering reviews on various apps, watching your favorite videos, playing games and scanning receipts and more.


Apps like Drop and Ibotta have helped me earn hundreds of dollars in Amazon gift cards. The best part is that there’s more than just those two cashback apps.


Without much further ado, let’s give you the list of some of our most favorite free gift card apps and ways to get free Amazon gift cards.


List of Ways to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards


There are way too many ways to earn gift cards from Amazon these days. These are definitely the best, most legitimate ways to earn gift cards for free.


Here are the 27 ways to get free Amazon gift cards:


Ipsos I-Say


Joining Ipsos I-say is one of the significant and straightforward ways that one can use to receive a free Amazon gift card. Ipsos I-Say is an app that gets you paid when you participate in surveys or by testing some products. The app also pays you a loyalty bonus at the end of each year for every survey you take.


The bonus makes it possible for you to make up to 600 additional points which you can exchange for an Amazon Card worth $5. There is also free Ipsos that gets you a free entry every time you receive points. These entries can be redeemed for free vacation or contests that cash.


Nielsen National Consumer Panel


Nielsen is a global- renowned statistic company that undertakes various surveys including radio listening and TV watching habits, purchase habits and more. Through their NCP (National Consumer Panel) platform they pay you to shop.


You earn point by scanning barcodes of your every purchase, stating the price you pay for the products, and taking part in simple opinion surveys. Then, you can redeem the points for Amazon gift cards. They also pay you a loyalty bonus when you scan your purchases without missing every week.


Harris Poll


Being one of the oldest research companies in the world, Harris Poll conducts various opinion surveys on consumer habits as well as current events. The surveys earn you redeemable points that you can use to get free Amazon cards. Each survey also earns you one entry into a biweekly cash prize draws as well as cash sweepstakes which are done quarterly or annually.




With PrizeRebel you can start earning cash within 10 seconds. It allows you to earn points for just watching adverts, online surveys and when you participate in product trials.


Yes, you figured it right; you earn a point for doing what you love. PrizeRebel gives you a $2 gift card for the surveys as the minimum possible prize.


Global Test Market


Global Test Market is an ideal site for people who live outside the United States. Since 2014, the site has paid over $32 million worth of prizes. It makes it possible for anyone to earn Amazon gift cards even when not in the US.


The surveys include topics about current events and opinions on simple stuff like the movies you watch. They also can invite you to test products that earn you points. The points you earn can be exchanged for free gift Amazon gift cards.




Toluna is partially a social media site and also a survey site that has over 10 million members. It offers various surveys and also can invite you to test numerous products.


Toluna is one of the sites that offer many product tests invites more than a majority of other survey sites. The points you earn from the surveys and testing products can be redeemed for gift cards including free Amazon gift cards or cash.




iPoll survey site pays as much as $5 for each survey with a $5 bonus for the initial sign-up. The site has even more goodies for you. That’s right; there is a chance for you to get $10 when you undertake your first survey.


Every survey also earns you an entry to a quarterly cash draw of $10,000, and you can participate even outside the United States. Free Amazon gift cards are just one of the ways you can redeem your prizes.


Survey Spot


Survey Spot is one of those survey sites that allow you to redeem your points for free gift cards. Apart from Amazon gift cards which are preferred by many, Survey spot also enable you to exchange your points for iTunes, PayPal, and Airline flyer miles. A quarterly draw of $10,000 is something you can also join as you never know; it might be your lucky day.




YouGov has a $20 or 2,000 points bonus for just joining. They also pay 250 points for each survey redeemable when you reach a balance of 5,000 points.


What a great way to earn free Amazon gift cards? You earn points by participating in opinion polls of topics about movies, people, brands, as well as current events.


Test Spin


Test Spin survey site gives you a chance to participate in surveys and also test websites. You can earn up to $600 in the form of free Amazon gift cards every year. It earns you up to $10 for each survey and $30 for every focus group.


Knowledge Panel


Through the Knowledge Panel survey site, you can receive $1 for every survey you undertake. The surveys take as little as 10-15 minute, and you earn an extra $10 after you complete the first survey.


The site offers dial-up access and a computer for those willing to take up the surveys but don’t have internet access at home. You can redeem these points to get free Amazon gift cards.


Amazon Trade-In


Amazon Trade-In is a service offered by Amazon, and it allows you to exchange the items you no longer need such as Kindle E-readers, books, tablets, wireless devise gaming platforms and more.


It allows you to sell even those items you didn’t buy from Amazon. A good example of a trade-in option is selling an old Amazon Kindle and upgrade for a new one. Amazon will give you a Free Amazon gift card with an extra $20 bonus.


Amazon Coupons


When it comes to Amazon Coupon discounts, most of them are instant, but on some other occasions, when you purchase some select items, they give Amazon gift codes.


The best categories of products in which you can get gift cards to include Health, Grocery, and Beauty categories. When you join Amazon Prime, you optimize your options of earning the extra points that will get you Amazon gift cards.


Use your Website to promote Amazon Products


For those who own a website or a blog, you can make money by using Amazon affiliate links. Every time someone buys an item through your link, you earn cash. You can join this by using Amazon Associates to create an account and get paid every month through Amazon gift cards or by cash. Your new affiliate links will earn you cash value and/or Amazon gift cards.


Amazon Mturk/ Mechanical Turk


Amazon Mturk is free to join, and it makes it possible for you to make easy money online undertaking pretty simple online tasks. The tasks usually last a few minutes, and they include data entry, surveys, web research and more.


The site can be a great way of earning yourself Amazon gift cards since they pay using Amazon gift cards or cash. In most cases, the surveys are based on college studies. Mturk is a freelance website that you can also use to increase your income.


Reload Your Amazon Gift Card Balance


When you replenish your Amazon balance, you also earn yourself a cash bonus. Isn’t it cool? To do this, you can purchase a gift card or better still, redeem gift card earned from elsewhere.




Swagbucks is a sure best-known online site that can help you earn some extra cash. The activities that help you make money in this site include surveys, shopping, playing games, testing products, and Web searches.


Apart from these, watching videos can also earn you money. It makes Swagbucks the desired site for many since it allows you to earn points and money for doing your daily activities. A balance of just $3 can get you a free Amazon gift card.




Another great free Amazon gift card app would be AppTrailers. With AppTrailers, you receive reward points for app and videos.


When you upload own video clips, you get to earn extra points. Amazon gift cards are just but one way to get pain on AppTrailers.




For just testing apps or games, Bananatic enables you to get free gift cards for performing simple activities. The points you receive from Bananatic can be redeemed for Amazon gift cards.


Apart from testing games, the app allows you to shop online as well as download apps. The higher your activities on the app, the more points you earn.


Gift Wallet


For those of us using Android and iOS devices, Gift Wallet can be resourceful when it comes to testing apps. You can do more than to just test apps since it allows you to earn points for watching videos as well as for undertaking various online tasks. From as low as $3 you can get a free gift card.




The Mypoints site is another free gift card app which is very similar to Swagbucks regarding the activities that earn you do to earn points and how it operates.


The significant difference between them occurs only on how you redeem your points as MyPoints may have lower redemption options for particular gifts. Someone may join both apps and choose the one with best offers each day.


Opinion Outpost


Another survey site that you should consider is Opinion OutPost. It is a survey site that offers you surveys that you can undertake in 10 minutes or less and the points are redeemable when the balance reaches $5.


You might also decide to enter their $10,000 quarterly draw. All these points can be redeemed for cash or free Amazon gift cards. It’s a lot different than Survey Junkie.




Ibotta is a simple mobile app through which you get cash back when you shop. All you need to do is to create an account with Ibotta, shop in one of the 230 Target, Walmart, and CVS among other stores and then upload the receipt on Ibotta as the proof of purchase.


These activities will earn you cash back which, when you shop at eligible stores, you can redeem your reward either as cash or as Amazon Gift Cards.


Use my link to get $10 free for signing up! Ibotta is on my list as one of the best cashback apps to use.


Earning Station


Through this platform, almost any activity online can get you paid. You get paid for activities you would otherwise have done for free. Streak bonus is the platform’s main draw, and with it, you can get a minimum $0.25 for every ten continuous days of activity.


You can also earn as much as $3.50 bonus if you are a regular visitor to the site.


TokenFire Rewards


TokenFire is an Android-only app that lets you play, earn the point and get rewarded. If you are a casual gamer, then this would be an ideal free gift card app for you. For every activity you undertake such as installing or watching ads, you get tokens.


You also get 15 tokens per day for just launching the application. With 5500 tokens, you get a $25 Amazon gift card. When you invite family and friends, you earn more point thus reaching that figure easily.


Product Report Card


It is another great survey site where you get an invitation just 24 hours after you create an account with them. You redeem the points earned after you reach a threshold of $25. You can redeem them as cash or as gift cards.


Quick Thoughts – Express your opinions and earn!


If you are looking for a way to get a free Amazon gift card instantly, then Quick Thoughts is your ideal app. It lets you earn a point on the go, through your Android or iOS phone by taking part in easy and quick survey questions.


For each survey, you earn $3 which you can redeem for Amazon coupons and other free stuff when you hit a $10 balance. If you get screened out, you get an extra $0.10.


Drop App


The Drop app is one of my personal favorites because you earn free gift cards for zero extra work at all. You simply link your credit cards and go. There are plenty of other gift card options in addition to Amazon.


Every time you shop at a location like Starbucks, Chipotle, Whole Foods, Amazon, etc. you earn points. These points are redeemable for free gift cards. What’s not to love?


Sign up using my link and get 1,000 points instantly.


Conclusion on How to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards


I hope this article will be of assistance to you when you want to find ways to get free Amazon gift cards from wherever you may be. Gift cards might not be the best idea for when you need money instantly. However, passive income might not be entirely for you. There are plenty of cons to passive income.


If you want to start increasing your income, you can follow these ways to earn gift cards and then start flipping product in addition to this such as the following:


How to Flip Wine for a Profit


How to Collect Scrap Metal for Reselling


Best Items to Flip for a Profit


How to Become a Sneaker Reseller


The other alternative is to find online jobs for income. Here are 23+ online jobs you can do from anywhere.


Do you have any ideas for free Amazon gift cards? Let us know in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you!


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