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Superman (17:366)

We have had an adventurous 24 hours. It all started with a trip to preemptively spend our tax return on a new couch. Afterward, we went to Arby's, where this little man promptly tipped his chair backward, cracked his head on the table, and split his scalp open. Blood everywhere. The manager called 911, and the paramedics checked him out and advised us to take him to the emergency room and get stitches. They would have taken him but he wasn't in immediate danger and we all thought it was best that we took him, rather than an expensive and scary trip in an ambulance. Spent a couple of hours there and got stitches. Then this morning he started throwing up, which is a bad sign, so we went to our doctor and got a CT scan. Long story short, the scan was fine, but now it appears that he has a stomach flu on top of the head bang. So he's sleeping, I'm doing laundry, and we're all just happy he doesn't have a concussion.


I've been pretty worried throughout this whole process, but now that we know he's going to be fine, I realize that we've done pretty well. He's made it 4 years without having to go to the ER or get stitches. As much as he bangs that melon on everything, that's a small miracle. Let's hope it's at least another 4 years before we have to do it again.


Not the world's greatest pic, but you know what? Sometimes the crappy pics are the best ones.

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Taken on January 30, 2012