Comic Con Paris 2019 - panel Hasbro & Marvel Comics
Paris, Grande halle de la Villette, October 26 2019
Photos : Boris Colletier / Mulderville

Comic-Con Paris, or previously known as Kultima and Com!c-Con', is a French multi-genre entertainment and comic convention held annually in Paris, Île-de-France, France.

From 2007 to 2014, it was held at the Parc des Expositions in Villepinte in the northeastern suburbs of Paris. After a break in 2015, it came back in 2016 and is now held at the Grande halle de la Villette in Paris.

The festival was created in 2007 under the name of Kultima. It is a French convention on the imaginary of comics, fantasy, science-fiction movies/TV series etc. It took place for the first time in the exhibition Paris-Nord Villepinte in November 2007. In 2009, the name Kultima was abandoned, the convention then was renamed to Comic-Con on the model of American Comic-Con, an American pioneer culture of comics and science fiction.

Hasbro is an American worldwide toy and board game company. It is the largest toy maker in the world in terms of stock market value, and third largest with revenues of approximately $5.12 billion. Hasbro owns the trademarks and products of Kenner, Parker Brothers, and Milton Bradley, among others. Among its products are Transformers, G.I. Joe, Power Rangers, Rom, Micronauts, M.A.S.K., Monopoly, Furby, Nerf, Twister, and My Little Pony. The Hasbro brand also spawned TV shows to promote its products, such as Family Game Night on the Discovery Family network, a joint venture with Discovery, Inc. The corporate headquarters is located in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. The majority of its products are manufactured in East Asia.

Marvel Comics is the brand name and primary imprint of Marvel Worldwide Inc., formerly Marvel Publishing, Inc. and Marvel Comics Group, a publisher of American comic books and related media. In 2009, The Walt Disney Company acquired Marvel Entertainment, Marvel Worldwide's parent company. Marvel was started in 1939 by Martin Goodman under a number of corporations and imprints but now known as Timely Comics, and by 1951 had generally become known as Atlas Comics. The Marvel era began in 1961, the year that the company launched The Fantastic Four and other superhero titles created by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko and many others. The Marvel brand, which had been used over the years, was solidified as the company's primary brand. Marvel counts among its characters such well-known superheroes as Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, the Hulk, Wolverine, Black Panther, Ant-Man, Wasp, Doctor Strange, Deadpool, Captain Marvel, Daredevil and the Punisher. Superhero teams exist such as the Avengers, the X-Men, the Fantastic Four and the Guardians of the Galaxy as well as supervillains including Doctor Doom, Magneto, Thanos, Ultron, Doctor Octopus, Green Goblin, Red Skull, Loki, Venom, Galactus, and Kingpin. Most of Marvel's fictional characters operate in a single reality known as the Marvel Universe, with most locations mirroring real-life places; many major characters are based in New York City. Additionally, Marvel has published Star Wars comics twice from 1977 to 1986 and again since 2015.

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