Things You Need To Know About Headaches

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    You may not have the problem of headache but you may have the problem of ‘brain freeze’ after having a bite of your favorite ice cream. Although this problem is not uncommon, it is the problem which needs to be dealt with in an immediate manner. This pain is often associated with the sudden constriction of blood vessels in the warm palate when the #cold ice #cream gets in contact with it. Suddenly after the constriction, the blood vessels relax. This constriction and relaxing of vessels result in the burst of pain, making the infected person join the club of 28 million people suffering from migraines. And then, there are 20 million other Americans who suffer from the chronic headache. This statistic is enough to tell you why physicians all over the US receive such a high number of complaints regarding headaches.

    While there are rare kinds of #headaches that indicate a serious issue, you should be wary about it if you are having frequent headache. Most of the people are not very sure about the type of headache they get. Hence, they tend to treat several symptoms all at once. Nevertheless, self-medication should be seriously avoided in this scenario because it can lead to the side-effects which can be even more irritating and sometimes #fatal.

    The issue which should be considered
    While a chronic headache is unbearable one and you will ultimately have to go to the doctor, there is another type of pain which man of the Americans do not realize anything about. It’s about temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder, also known as #TMD. #TMJ is basically a joint which allows proper function of both of the jaws while eating and speaking. Hence, this joint supports the functions of rotating and gliding of the teeth in the normal and natural way.

    Since these joints are supported by a lot of muscles, any infection in these muscles can lead to the lack of functionality of the joint. As a result, this pain occurs which is often referred to as TMJ headache. The funny thing about this pain is that it radiates to the nearby sites, leading the patient to have confusion about the origin of pain.

    According to a recent study involving 600 cases at University of #Buffalo the researchers found out that TMJ was commonly resulted due to pressure on TMJ. According to the lead researcher, “TMJ is very treatable, but if a jaw disorder is ignored, then treatment for a headache may not address all of the factors contributing to the headache”.

    Although migraines and TMJ headaches are two different types, it has been found that successful treatment of TMJ can reduce the chances of migraine to occur. In fact, people having migraine and TMJ at the same time got both types treated with the help of TMJ disorder treatment.

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