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Packing and Moving Tips that makes it Easier to Move to a New House | by scotbecerra
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Packing and Moving Tips that makes it Easier to Move to a New House

Many people find it stressful to move to a new house due to many #household items which are heavy and fragile. Unpacking too is a tiresome job if things were not packed in an orderly manner. Luckily professionals and expert movers have come up with tips and ways of packing in order to make every move on that specific day #systematic and smooth.


Get rid of the things you don’t use or need

When you are planning to move into a new house, consider getting rid of things that you no longer use. These include clothes, shoes, electronics and kitchen items such as old #coffee #makers and other items. Consider packing these items and give them to people of good will around your community. By so doing, the bulk of unnecessary items will reduce hence making the items to be packed to be less. It will also minimize overcrowding in your new house.


Consider looking for the best moving company one month prior the moving day

Compare prices of the moving companies and any other terms of payment to prevent unexpected costs during the #moving day. Also, check the moving company that you have chosen if it is licensed to ascertain the security of your items. Plan with the company the best flexible day to move in. It is also crucial to map the best and easiest route to use before the moving day. Look for possible traffic; detour and other constructions that might be scheduled on a moving day. This will make the journey more manageable and less tiresome as there will be no obstructions on the way.


When you are moving to a new house, start packing as early.

Start with things that are not being used for the time being. This includes decorations, some clothes, books that you have already read and other things that might not be of use. This is done by buying boxes from a nearby shop together with different packing materials like packing tapes, cardboard boxes, putty, extra screws and wrapping papers from a nearby hardware store. Pack items like books, toiletries, clothes as well as kitchen utensils in separate boxes and label the boxes at the top and on sides. This will make unpacking an easy task as each box will be taken to where those items are kept. Also, number your boxes to make sure that all things reached and no box was stolen.


Stop shopping like two weeks earlier

To avoid wasting any #food, consume all the shopping at home. Don’t buy more supplies unless you need them. Also, you can call friends and neighbors to take extra shopping that you might have. Pack extra toiletries and cleaning items in a different bag. These are items that will be used immediately when you rich the new home. Consider also packing extra clothes, laptop, and any other thing that you might need before unpacking. Call friends and relatives to help you in packing when you are moving to your new house. During the moving day ensure all things are handled with care especially electronics and other fragile items .When you reach to your new home, put someone in charge of unpacking process. This will help the task move smoothly without wasting time. Consider taking a picture of the new house before bringing your items inside. This is to show any damage that would be there.


Finally, appreciate all the people who helped you by ordering food, drinks, and snacks for them.

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Uploaded on November 6, 2017