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How to ask Friends politely for Moving Help | by delmarwilhite
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How to ask Friends politely for Moving Help

Moving from one house to another is one of the most boring activities that you could find yourself in. The reason is that there is a lot of packing that has to be done and knowing the right place to place an object is quite confusing especially acquiring cheap moving boxes. More often, we tend to ask our friends to assist us in packing and relocating. However, we tend to forget that they hate moving just the same way we do. But there is a polite way of requesting for the favor from them without being too hard on them. Below is a quick guide regarding the topic under discussion.


Tell Your Friends Early enough

Do not just wake up and pressure your friends to help you move the following day. It is always essential to issue close to a more than a week’s notice so that those that you depend on may plan their #schedule as well.


Always as for a weekend help

Most of the people may be busy during the weekdays. Therefore, it is advisable that when you need a favor from your allies, always try to put it during the weekend since probably this is the time that they will be free and not engaged.


You have to accept that it’s a huge favor

No one likes to pack their stuff and move let alone assisting someone else in #relocating. Therefore, the fact that your buddies are helping you in moving means a lot. Only a friend indeed will give a helping hand in such a moment. Therefore, you have to let them know that you are genuinely grateful for their help.


Never Get it personal if you are not assisted

Some comrades will gladly help you in moving while others will give you excuses for why they cannot do that. In one way or the other, we have also provided our pals explanations for not being willing to do something. Again, it gives you a chance to know your comrades better. Therefore, if it backfires, move to the next friend and don’t hold grudges.


Do not be bossy

When being given the favor, avoid bossing the comrades assisting you to pack and move around. They might get annoyed and leave you to carry your cross.


Avoid giving people too much pressure

Some people have a tight schedule, and yet they are your friends. They may have a job to do, a family to take care of or other engaging work as well. Therefore, if you are dealing with such friends, always understand them and avoid giving them too much pressure.


Do plan to return a favor

When you have been assisted, always be the first person to promise to support those that have sacrificed their time to be there for you. It takes a true friend to be there when you need them the most. Therefore, you to assure them that whenever they need your help, you will be ready to assist.


Do not expect perfection from them

Since your friends are not professional movers, expect them not to work as if they are experts in #moving. They may take too long or even lag behind but you must be grateful and appreciate all the help from them since its never easy.


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Uploaded on September 29, 2018