2018 SPEECH CONTEST - SSFA Sejong Scholarship Foundation of America
The 2018 SSFA Speech Contest for High School students successfully ended on October 20th. We'd like to first and foremost thank all of the contestants for participating, parents for supporting them, and judges for taking part in this event. It was once again a beautiful occasion for our community to come together and witness the burgeoning young talents tell their own unique stories about what it means to be Korean American. We'd like to congratulate the winners for their wonderful speech delivery and compelling testimonies. We were all truly impressed to hear the young generation's perspective on their journeys to grow up embracing but often reconciling their Korean and American roots. Each presentation was poignantly told and intelligent; we were moved by your thoughtful messages into exploring your identities as Korean Americans and meaningful effort to express how you learned to bridge the gap between the two distinct cultures.
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