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page one troubleshooting chart USGI | by jimthompson502002
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page one troubleshooting chart USGI

This is the final version, and the most accurate, reliable, and correct. The next to the last entry on page 2 about premature ejection of clip and multiple cartridges doesn't seem to agree with a lot of merchants who seem to have clip latches and springs they'd like to sell. But it works, whereas a new clip latch and overly powerful spring will mainly not last very long, and ultimately exacerbate other problems. Indeed, they often won't even briefly forestall the early ejection.


Out of specification clips eventuate all manner of nightmares, and those didn't exist when this was composed.


There are some inherently defective aftermarket crap parts around which complicate some of this manual compilation, formulated and written in the sixties, but not as much as some of the "forum commando" clowns/loudmouths on the internet would have people believe. But I am not arguing any more.



There's some kind of crackpot weirdo shadowing me around the internet who asserts that my posting photos here, especially this page, is somehow "subversive" and "lies" and a "mercenary venture". Perhaps someday that slobber mouthed imbecile will explain to me how any of that could possibly be true. In particular, retired, I'd like to know how the HELL I can profit giving photos away for free... If I could make a buck that way, I WANT TO KNOW HOW TO DO THAT!!


He also accuses me of plagiarism.


Well, only in the sense that when I referred to USGI Army Ordnance Manual TM-9-1005-222-35 I conceived that publishing this on the web might save people problems.


Maybe he doesn't know that attributed quotations and public domain renditions are a gazillion miles from "plagiarism"????


In his mind, I guess that makes me "evil".


The Internet sometimes becomes more like the dark ages...


This was carried in my shooting kit from 1973 forward, but I re-published the public domain version first in 1989, then again in 1998.


Of course, the M1 clips around now with too heavy finish ( powder coating or paint, apparently applied here in the U.S., by the way!) and out of specification "span" cause the same cartridge dumping. Some are mysterious brand new, out-of-spec, and cannot really be loaded at all. There was no one doing that or mis-making those until fairly recently. And there are some strange clips that are actually out of metal specification, too, some of them marked "SF" that simulate other problems. There are several other types of out-of-specification Garand clips.


BEWARE of inky black clips with finish that looks a little too good. They DO cause problems. I tumble mine with my brass for an entire day, and the problem usually disappears. Those are usually perfectly good GI clips someone finished way to enthusiastically.


"AEC" marking is generally not working, can usually not be made to work.



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Taken on December 29, 1973