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page two  troubleshooting chart  (originally from TM 9-1005-222-35, U.S. Army Ordnance)   USGI | by jimthompson502002
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page two troubleshooting chart (originally from TM 9-1005-222-35, U.S. Army Ordnance) USGI

Out-of-specification, whacked out, junk parts have changed the equation, and especially, cheap, junk, incorrectly dimensioned, cast clip latches have caused malfunctions that wouldn't have been believed a half century ago.


This is the real data, not moronic crap from some infantile cretin "chat room commando" on the internet who gets his information from imaginary voices and illiterate weirdo creeps on phony baloney forums.


This is the final version, and the most accurate and correct. And yes, it is official, real, documented, genuine, and not crap made up by some slimy internet "sonderkommando" on some forum where any dumbass drip can "heavily disagree" about reality.


Truth is, much of the "clip & rounds early eject" issue any more flows from issues related to messed up, non-GI clips and the weird things they do to other parts. This was NOT the case as long as M1 parts were ALL GI.


There are a couple of degenerate, weirdo crackpots chasing me across the web, trying to deny this, for some insane reason of their own. I am not interested in what their perverse "reasoning" is. What these dolts need to do is contact the army and the other millions who have followed this data and explain how they know better.


The next to the bottom entry, about "one or more live cartridges ejected with clip", is ironclad, and yet there are hyperbole types selling clip latches and much overpriced spring kits who advertise a bogus opinion that their "stuff" will solve the problem. With a stiff enough clip latch spring, this will briefly disappear, but when it loses a bit of tension, the "dumping" problem will then be much worse. Surprisingly, any number of people have maniacal hissy fits when exposed to this long-known, valid information.


Not surprisingly, many of those folks have parts to sell. What a coincidence!!


It's about tension distorting the torsional surfaces of the bullet guide, operating rod catch, and ultimately, the follower rod. Therefore, there is a chain reaction involved, which the dumbasses refuse to acknowledge.


Not so startling, I take a lot of flak for referring people to this, which is from the U.S. Army Technical Manual. One retailer actually called it a "forgery".


What a surprise that guys who have clip latches and clip latch springs to peddle claim that replacing those parts is a foolproof solution! Maybe it's the wax or oil or dental floss, huh? This business is filled with b.s. artists.


Of course, a damaged or distorted clip latch can contribute to or magnify these problems, and fifty years ago, such things would have been unthinkable, when all parts were inspected before assembly. Still, that glitch is very rare, even with the Chinese and California-produced substandard repros now on the U.S. market.


Those units commonly break, too.


Generally, the clip latch and clip latch spring "fix" is at least an inadequate and temporary b.s. "fix",, and at best, works at all a minority of times. But it's more or less "taboo" to say that out there in "business promotion world". And what happens is, as more and more of the out-of-spec en bloc (There is no "k" is "en bloc", by the way!) clips and new but messed up clip latches get out there, this is all going to become more obscure, as reality usually does on the bullshit-drenched internut.


So in hilarious ways, the yo-yo contention of juvenile halfwits on half-baked worldwide web forums is becoming a sort of self-fulfilling prophesy.


Likewise, there are a lot of very expensive, nice looking, grotesquely out of specification clips and clip latches and inferior springs, non-GI, which can cause SOME of this. But generally, the information in this version of the manual is ironclad, proven, and only fools argue with it.


Since 2019, more POS clips misrepresented as "within specification" have been marketed, and more rifles are dumping rounds it's getting worse as the lying skank begin to dominate conversations.


The mysterious out-of-spec clips can cause premature cartridge and clip dumping, all by themselves. This is usually preceded by great difficulty getting the magazine full of clip/rounds and latched in the rifle.


This is the real, verified information from the manual noted. That some wino lying in a gutter or some stupidass loudmouth on an internet forum swears otherwise is meaningless twaddle, reinforced by erroneous parts and substandard pieces and thinking.


Welcome to the age of the preposterous internet charlatan/blowhard.


These whacked-out, degenerate cowards are becoming the rule, rather than the exception.

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Taken on December 30, 1973