Remnants of the Diaspora
San Francisco State University Associated Students Art Gallery.
Summer 2017

Remnants of the Diaspora aims to celebrate the diasporic experience as both a symbol of resilience and struggle within the American landscape.

The exhibition showcases artists of the diaspora who exist outside of their cultural origins. The artists examine how the values of their cultural origin still materialize in their everyday experiences in various forms– from recurring memories and familiar artifacts, to the ways they see themselves in connection to their heritage.

Through their examinations, the artists demonstrate the complex relationships between themselves, their cultural origins, and the American landscape in which they now live. Together, the works presented inform us of how the diasporic experience can affect one’s understanding of identity, culture, and history, along with the internal and external conflicts that instill a sense of detachment or belonging.


Robin Birdd
Blanca Estela Rodríguez
Cathy Lu
Sara Moran
Dawline-Jane Oni-Eseleh
Sonya Philip
Ignacio Rojas
Nina Vichayapai
Ange Yokoyama-Teh
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