Immersive Pipeline at Goldsmiths University
This is the first public event of Immersive Pipeline. The programme is curated by Atau Tanaka and Blanca Regina and presents immersive audiovisual performances and a screening. It showcases some of the work in progress of international artists and Goldsmiths students.
Includes a presentation with one of the pioneering figures in the field of immersive audiovisual, Naut Humon from (RML), San Francisco.

LILLEVAN + ATAU TANAKA present 'Le Loup', 'Lifting' & 'Myogram'
ALBA CORRAL + ALEX AUGIER present 'Germination'
BRYAN DUNPHY present 'Ventriloquy II'

Screening introduced by Naut Humon
Halveplane by MASAKO TANAKA + OVAL (RML CineChamber)
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