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All About Root Canals | by sharpkimber714
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All About Root Canals

Your dentist in Santa Clarita might have requested a root canal to you. You might be freaking out upon hearing those words. There are a lot of horror stories surrounding this that make the idea of this kind of #therapy sound utterly terrifying. However, it’s important to remember that everyone regards pain in a different manner, and it’s important to remember that what might be painful to one person isn’t very painful to another. Now the best way to understand what a root canal is, is to actually read up on it and get an education on it. If you know about something, you’ll be able to make a better decision on it, since you’ll know what’s best for your overall health. This article will tell you all about what a root canal treatment is, and what you should expect should you get one.


Now a #root-canal is essentially the treatment of the base of the tooth that’s infected, dead, or inflamed. The pulp is often a soft substance that you have in the middle of where your tooth is. This will consist of various nerves, vessels, and tissues, and the pulp actually becomes infected when here is a cavity that is severe, or a tooth that is chipped. If this happens, then you have to get the infection removed in a special way. Typically, a root canal treatment takes out the infection from where the pulp is, and then, the tooth is filled with a sealant and sealed up to prevent any bacteria that might be coming in.


Now, there are a few symptoms that require your need for a root canal, but the best way to know if you need one is to see a dentist to rule out anything else. Some dentists might say you need one, others not so much. You might notice a #toothache as the first #symptom, and then a sensitivity to extreme temperatures that isn’t going away even after the tooth isn’t exposed to it anymore. It may also have a randomity to when the toothache comes in. Typically if you have headaches and jaw pains, you might get them from this as well.


Because toothaches can be a symptom of other issues. You might need to get an exam and some x-rays in order to fully determine what’s going on. Gum recession and sinus pressure actually cause these similar symptoms, and if you ever experience these, you should set up an appointment immediately.


Now, what can you expect from this. If you do need a root canal, you’ll probably have a separate appointment for you to come in and get the procedure. If you don’t want it immediately, it’ll be rescheduled. Typically, before you begin, you’ll get some #anesthesia, whether it be nitrous or a shot, and it’ll help with any discomfort that you might feel. After that, you’ll have the tooth be isolated, and from there, you’ll have the tooth opened up, the dead pulp removed and from there, it’s then cleaned and any cracks and canals are taken care of. Once that’s done, the tooth is then filled to prevent any bacteria from coming in.


Now, after you get the therapy, you might feel some sort of discomfort and pain. The pain is usually gone after a few days, and you might notice the biting pressure, or even some looseness. A salt water rinse can help with the discomfort as well. You should also make sure to eat foods that are softer and not chew on the side of the mouth that has the canal in order to prevent pain from getting worse.


Root canals are another dental procedure that is often seen in a way akin to the bogeyman according to many people. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Rather, it might actually be something that is good for you, and it’s completely necessary in a few cases. Having that infection there isn’t good, and you should see your dentist in Santa Clarita to get a good diagnosis on what to do next. It’s not fun for anyone to have this, but by taking care of it you’ll end up way happier.


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Uploaded on June 14, 2017