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Original Sketch

UPDATE: Youth in Arts says that they have no problem with the image as is but they don't think that they can find a sponsor. So I'm looking for sponsorship on my own. For more info: www.indiegogo.com/Erik-Jagger-at-the-Italian-Street-Paint...


UPDATE 5/12 7am PDT: I am just $15 shy of 6x6 space at the festival and halfway to the amount needed for a large square (9x9). 65 hours to left to contribute to the cause: www.indiegogo.com/Erik-Jagger-at-the-Italian-Street-Paint...


UPDATE 5/17: I'll be doing the 9x9 square! Woohoo! Thanks to my supporters and contributors for making it happen.


This is the original sketch that I submitted for this year's Street Painting Fest. The theme this year is Bella Terra (Beautiful Earth) and I thought I'd do something a little...um...playful with that idea.

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Uploaded on April 26, 2010