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The Pros and Cons of Veneers. Are They Worth It? | by herbcroteau
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The Pros and Cons of Veneers. Are They Worth It?

You see a person smile perfectly and you envy him or her. You see the media icons like actors and models with perfect teeth and perfect smiles.


Don’t worry everyone the dentists and the researchers have been working on different techniques that can help enhance your beauty in a natural way without #surgical process, the #technique is known as #Veneer.


The perfect smiles with immaculate teeth can be tempting on the contrary jeopardize your own sense of prettiness. But let me tell you all that this Veneers are not meant for all of you. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of veneer and their worthiness.


What are Veneers made of?


Veneers are made up of #porcelain with which mostly the jaw stamp is taken for the braces treatment. The porcelain veneers are made according to the teeth and get them attached where they are required. The veneer helps in making the teeth look good. They can be fixed on the broken tooth; if you’re one of the tooth is smaller veneer can be made to adjust the size according to the rest of the teeth. Despite of crowns you can have veneer.


The veneer treatment is cosmetic in nature and you need to have this #treatment at your own cost. None of the any insurance is available for the veneer treatment.


Situations when Veneer is beneficial:

If the edge of the tooth is broken, porcelain veneer can be used to fill the broken area.


If your teeth have irregular shape, to make jaw look in shape, veneer is used to fix those D-Shaped #teeth.


Most of the time the front teeth have big gaps, that gap can be filled with veneer.


Lasting time period:

The veneer are stable and can last from 7 to 15 years depends upon the care you take and visits you pay to the dentist for regular checkup. It is an expensive cosmetic treatment. The veneer treatment cost starts from $1000.


How many Veneer Treatments do we have?


Porcelain Veneer

Porcelain Veneers are the lasting, natural and most expensive among all the treatments. They are customized and make according to size and color of the tooth which is under treatment. The treatment is completed through cement and ultraviolet light to make it fixed to the desired tooth.


Composite Veneers

This veneer is similar to the porcelain veneer composition. But it is mostly used for the #cavities, small’s gaps between the teeth and small problems like that. They are not customized made before the treatment which is why they can look a bit different than the Porcelain Veneer.


Let’s discuss pros and cons of Veneers:


Pros of Veneer:

The pros of veneers are many, like it can give you bright white teeth, with ideal #smile. It boosts your self confidence while meeting different people. There is no more need to be reserved or stop the smile even if it is required. There is no drilling or incision is required. The veneer is implanted on the teeth with the cement and porcelain.


There is no specific care is needed for the maintenance.


Cons of Veneer:

We have discussed many benefits of Veneer but definitely there are some drawbacks as well. The enamel of the teeth is always fragile in nature. If its extra soft and fragile the veneer treatment is never recommended.


The major problem with Veneer is that the color of the teeth changes with time but the color of veneer remains same all the time. That is why appointment to Eugene Dentist is a must to avoid patchy smile.


The teeth might start decaying despite of having veneer.


Try to have the treatment after detailed consultation with the doctor.

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Uploaded on October 16, 2017