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Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

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100% whole wheat cookies, recipe from the King Arthur Flour Whole Grain Baking Book

I used freshly milled hard white wheat flour.

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  1. ninjapoodles ages ago | reply

    Yum! I have put the food grinder for the Kitchen-Aid mixer on my wishlist! II used to grind flour in my blender, guess I could go back to that. I just rarely get a chance any more to get three towns over to the health food store.

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  2. JillWillRun ages ago | reply

    ninjapoodles: Superfine sugar is an interesting idea! And if you do get the grinder, you could always buy a bunch of grain in bulk. It keeps a lot longer and retains nutrients longer than flour. (That's why freshly ground is best, hasn't had time to oxidize and lost the nutritional value before those vitamins and minerals are baked into your food.) But you could store the grain in big buckets and it will last a really long time. Or if you really wanted to go all out, you could order grain from Wheat Montana's website.

  3. ninjapoodles ages ago | reply

    I'm encouraged by the Great WW Pasta Trick last night, so may get back into wholegrain baking like I used to. I used to especially like to grind oat flour.

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  4. JillWillRun ages ago | reply

    Oat flour is great, it's softer and has a little more natural sweetness! It would be good to add to bread, but it doesn't have enough protein to support an entire loaf of yeast bread. I also like barley flour, ground from hulled barley.

  5. ninjapoodles ages ago | reply

    One of my favorite recipes was for a loaf of bread that used some oat flour, and also had rolled oats...where was that recipe from? Why don't I ever keep up with these things?

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