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Anghel, Daniela Beltrani | by paghilomcavite
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Anghel, Daniela Beltrani

From the memory of a history book I read in my childhood an image surfaced: the Egyptian god Anubis checking the equal-arm scale, where he weighs a dead soul’s heart against a feather. Anubis opens the doors of heaven to the soul whose heart is lighter than a feather or lets the soul be devoured by a demon, in the opposite case.

In my spiritual journey, where forgiveness became the necessary course of action to shed the ballast weighing my heart down, I became inspired by this image.

Dressed in white, the colour of purity and innocence in contrast with the sanguine redness of my heart, I simply stood with my arms open, like the scale’s arms, holding a white feather and a piece of ice in the shape of a heart. I offered stillness, silence and a meditative opportunity to let my heart melt in the presence of others.


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Taken on February 10, 2017