As the Alumni Coordinator for this organization, it is my privilege to work with talented and diverse students, professionals and partners to meet our mission — offering affordable and practical training, certification, and degrees for working professionals. We started this new position (Alumni Coordinator) because just as we strive for great customer service during your program, we have the same goal post graduation.

My job here at CITE is to make the student experience a productive and cohesive line from the first class all the way through to the alumni years – to embody a sense of purpose, belonging and to strongly convey who we are, why we’re here, but most importantly what we and you build together in your program, to carry into the next stage of your career.

You being a part of the resource fair last night helped us fulfill our mission and it was beneficial and productive for our students and alumni. I would for you to send me job postings on current and future jobs so that I can forward it to our current students and alumni that it would pertain too.
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