USS Thomas, NCC-12863 - Indomitable-class 1/1000 scale
This is my buildup of the Indomitable class heavy cruiser Thomas, NCC-12863, and named for Thomas Sasser - 1 of 2, actually. This build is in 1/1000 scale and a kitbash.. It uses the primary hull from the Polar Lights / Round 2 Refit Enterprise, a printed secondary hull from MadMan Shipyards and a pair of Talon-type nacelles from UGH! Models.

Part of my backstory is that this is a ship launched in 2306, during the big exploration push after the Khitomer Accords were signed (Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country). She has experimental nacelles designed to operate 13% more efficiently than the LN series, as well as for an increase of 24% in warp speed. This backstory sort of justifies the registry number, as well as the nacelles.
I have custom decals from JBOT. I also used the PE for the VIP Lounge from the ParaGrafix Modeling System 1/1000 Refit detailing set, as well as a pair of resin copies of some of the "rockets" or whatever they're called from the Gundam sets from the WAVE Option System. One other thing I did was to add the photorp tubes for the forward locations, as the conversion parts from MadMan don't have any photorp tubes. I also intend to modify the nacelles by adding horizontal "fins" to which to add RCS thrusters like on the Refit and Reliant kits, as well as the Excelsior and Enterprise-B kits.

I intend to paint this my usual Tamiya rattlecan TS-27 Matt White for the base coat. Not sure of what colors to use for the details, tho I'll prolly stick close to my standard choice of colors.

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