USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-B - 1/1000 Scale Alternate Design
The USS Enterprise-B, in 1/1000 scale, or my vision of it as per the description. I never liked those "Impulse engines" that were on the outboard aft surface of the primary hull. They would have served better as additional shuttle bays, given how small the main shuttle bay on the fantail is, as well as the cargo/shuttle bay thing is wasteful that's in the cutout of the secondary hull. I also wanted to show a couple other progressions of technology in a build, so this became it. I decided to also change the nacelles somewhat, not going with the stock E-B nacelles, added a printed neck, tho kept the stock E-B hull, with just a couple of minor alterations.

First things first - I used a primary hull from one of the new releases of the Excelsior kit. I decided to remove the bridge and *most* of that long raised strip along the upper hull that led from the bridge back to the impulse deck. I then added some laminated sheet stock to the upper surface to make a raised B/C deck similar to that of the design for the Ingram-class starship designed by Todd Guenther. Eventually, I decided that I had it way too tall and ended up sanding the height by roughly 3mm to 4mm, as well as shaped it so that it wasn't vertical on the edges. As you'll see thru the progression of images, it eventually ends up with a roughly 40ø angle. I added a resin casting of the Abbe-class bridge, as well.

I also decided to shorten the impulse engine deck a bit by making the vent section shorter, as well as a bit wider. I never really cared for those little openings. I'll add some Evergreen V-Groove to act as the actual vents before final construction on the primary hull is complete. Actually, at the point I am as of this writing, that'll be the last thing the primary needs for it to be complete.

The connector dorsal/neck was replaced with a printed part from Shapeways from Bob's Starship Shop. It's Excelsior Neck #3 and includes photorp tubes, a front and aft portion with plating, and some small docking ports on each outboard surface, as well. The photorp tubes are situated at the bottom of the neck with plenty of clearance from the lower primary hull.

Other changes I made were to the secondary hull. The most dramatic is the much larger, higher shuttle bay, which makes a TON more sense than what ended up on the design. No insult intended towards Bill George (the original designer, right?), as I imagine he was told that the ship was going to be MUCH larger than it ended up being. That shuttle bay opening will barely accommodate the TMP small dockport shuttle, let alone the later ST:V Galileo shuttlecraft. So, I used an Ingram-class shuttle bay purchased from Shapeways. I cut off the forward 2/3's-ish at an angle, so as to still utilize part of the superstructure from the original shuttle bay. This gives the shuttle bay area much more internal volume, as well as plenty of room for even the large dockport shuttle seen in ST:TMP in the from of the Vulcan registered courier shuttle that brings Spock onto Enterprise to further the story line.

One other secondary hull change I made was to open up the "shuttle bay" looking area in the semi-rectangular section of the "cargo/shuttle bay" (depending on what source you read, it can be all of those and more!). I carefully cut out the "doors" - or that's what they looked like, if only to me - , then scratchbuilt an interior. It isn't perfect and was never intended to be lit, but it's got an interior. I added too "garage doors" to the interior, as well - one at the forward bulkhead area, and one on the ventral surface of the bay. I painted them both Testors Flat Zinc Chromate so that they'd stand outa bit better, as well as added two parallel strips down the bay deck to act as landing stripes for directing small craft where to land. I also added three different types of auxiliaries to that interior - a Type V from ST:V (purchased from Federation Models), a WorkBee with cargo train, and what I call a Type I small TMP-ish looking shuttle w/o a dockport (comes from UGH! Models with their Lynch-class light destroyer). Inside of the cavernous cargo bay thing, I drilled out two docking ports, and added a Type 3 (small dock port shuttle from TMP). dock to the forward bulkhead, port side. You can see all of this in the pics.

The fit of the secondary hull pieces wasn't perfect. I've had to do a bit of puttying and a LOT of sanding. It's slowly getting to shape, tho. Another change I made, speaking of sanding and shape, is to give the ship more of a rounded fantail. I was never a fan of that arrowhead looking fantail.

For the warp nacelles, I decided to make them a bit different, as well. I was never a fan of the glowy-bits on top, especially once TNG continuity showed that the ONLY ships that had that sort of glow on their nacelles in that area are the Excelsior-class vessels. EVERYTHING else - Refit, Miranda, E-C, E-D, Runabouts, and most of the Franken Fleet ships have glowy bits on the outboard horizontal surfaces. So, in MY corner of the Trek 'Verse, the Excelsior-class ships do, too! Well, not the Excelsior herself - she'll be built stock as we saw her in the movies.

Anyhow, One of the things I had considered doing for a while now as to add some sort of upper hull section to the nacelles. I decided to do this by taking a note from the Centaur, seen in DS9 - I used the bottom of the nacelle to make a top, keeping the grills in between. The grills will glow blue, just like the Refit, Miranda, E-C, et al... I also removed the raised hull detail on them and am in the process - as of this writing - to remove the mounting points to the pylons, sand, and shape the ventral surfaces. I'm also added Bussard collectors to the front of each nacelle, and they'll be painted RED not blue. ;)

As of this writing, that's the bulk of the changes I've made, or intend to make. I'm actually kind of anxious to get to the painting phase. Base color is going to be my preferred standard - Tamiya rattlecan TS-27 Matt White.

I'm also considering if I should go with commissioning custom decals or using those from one of the Round 2 sheets, or perhaps the Acreations set.

More to come!
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