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Smart Ways to Create or Earn Backlinks | by michaelcallahan1
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Smart Ways to Create or Earn Backlinks

Backlinks are the websites that link back to your site. And, it is the most important ranking factor in SEO because it is essentially the primary source of any website to get organic traffic.


Now, another highly important factor here is the quality of backlinks. It means that you are going to get good internet traffic, and also your website’s authority improved, if you are creating a good quality backlink. With that said, you will also need to keep Google ranking in consideration. Google is smart enough to determine the quality of backlinks and it also explores the ways your website is connected with the others.


Here, it may be an easy conclusion to draw that acquiring good quality backlinks is difficult. Nevertheless, it is not as difficult as many would believe. You just need to work smartly in order to find the backlink opportunities, which may let you develop or earn the backlinks.


Method of broken link building

This method involves searching for broken links in high-authority websites and contacting the webmasters or site owners to notify them about the existence of broken links. While notifying them, you can suggest replacements. Of course you can suggest them to build a link to your website. They may do it because you are basically doing them a favor by notifying them about the broken link. This one-way backlink should give you better internet traffic because it would come through an established web page.


Backlinks through infographics

If you want to bring high quality and extensive internet traffic to your website, you can do it with the help of infographics. The reason is infographics tend to simplify even the most complex information through graphical demonstration. One common perception about infographics is that they are expensive. The truth is they are not expensive if we look at their tendency to give you the traffic through established backlinks. Needless to say, an impressive infographic can go viral, and it can surely let you earn countless backlinks.


The guest blogging

If you know the art of playing with the words, guest blogging would definitely be one of the most amazing things you can do to earn the backlinks. One of the most important rules of guest blogging is that you need to remain unbiased while stating your opinion. It means that the blog which favors a side or promotes a business has a very little chance to get approved in a high quality guest blogging platform. So, if you are capable enough to generate the content which gets approved, you are surely going to boost your online presence not only in search engines but also in the social media.


Internal linking

With a real time algorithm running in the backend, Google now tends to promote or demote the web page rather than entire websites. While it is the good news for most of the SEOs because they will not have to fear about demotion of entire websites based on existence of low performing pages, it is also the matter of concern for many because they would be able to improve the rankings of only a few pages in their websites. Well, there is an easy solution for such concerns. You need to make sure that your website’s internal linking is forms a strong mesh of connections. This way, the improve in ranking of a certain page will affect the other page positively.

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Uploaded on May 2, 2017