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Five Foods Guaranteed to Stain Your Teeth | by faithhemins
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Five Foods Guaranteed to Stain Your Teeth

All of us have foods that might not be the best things to have if we want pearly whites. Every single day we do consume some type of food that isn’t that great for keeping teeth white, and often, these are going to leave stains. Sometimes, if they’re not cleaned off they can stay on the teeth, leaving them looking yellowed and dull. While yes, you can get teeth whitening for this, and you might need to see your dentist in Pacoima for this, there are some foods that can affect your teeth in terms of how white they are, and these five foods should be cleaned off with a brush immediately after consuming, especially if you want white teeth.


The first culprit is berries. While they have a lot of health benefits, they do stain your teeth. If you’re worried about berries causing some staining, you should try to stick with ones that are lighter, such as grapes that are green. You should also brush and floss once you’re done.


Then, along with that, is red wine. Most like red wine for the benefits, but it does have a few problems. The biggest one is that it causes stained teeth, and not only that, the acidic nature of wine actually can cause wear on the enamel of the tooth as well. So, you will definitely have some problems if you do drink this a lot. However, if you do rinse your mouth with water once you’re finished with your wine, you’ll be able to avoid staining as well, which is a pretty simple thing.


Hard candies are a problem because they like to stick to your teeth, but they also can cause your teeth to stain a different color. For example, you’ve probably had those candies that turn your tongue blue at some point in your life, right? Well they can also do the same to your teeth. You will want to watch out for this, but often, this can be avoided if you have minimal candy consumption, and if you brush your teeth afterwards. This is also good to help prevent the sugars from building up in your mouth as well.


Coffee is a vice that many of us love to have. Dark roasts are the biggest culprit in this, for they are known to stain teeth. If you’re a big coffee drinker and don’t want to give it up, you don’t have to. In fact, there are a few ways to help get around this. For example, if you can take it with milk or cream, it’ll turn it a lighter color, which will prevent many of the stains caused by some of the darker roasts. You can also drink water afterwards to help avoid the staining as well. Ultimately, you should always have water after you drink most things, since they can help get some of the potential stains off your teeth.


Finally, there is tea. If you’re a big tea drinker, this can have the same effect on teeth as coffee does. If you like tea, especially the dark teas that are out there it can cause the same issue. However, not all teas do this, and typically, if you have some of the lighter teas such as green teas and some oolong teas, you’ll be able to prevent this. If you like to have milk and honey, you can add it to that as well to help lighten it. often as well, drinking water at the same time as having teas will definitely help with this.


Many of these can stain your teeth, so you have to be careful if you’re going to drink it. but, if you’re drinking water with it, or brushing your teeth right after you have it, you’ll be able to prevent most of the staining. If you’re having trouble with these foods, and if you want to have a brighter and healthier smile, you can always talk to your dentist in Pacoima for some advice on how to help prevent this from staining your teeth too much. You owe it to yourself to have a good smile that radiates like no other.

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Uploaded on April 27, 2017