Otto C. Wolf, Brewery Architect and Engineer, Philadelphia
Otto C. Wolf graduated with the University of Pennsylvania’s first class in mechanical engineering in 1876, the same year that the Centennial Exhibition was held in Philadelphia. Inside Brewers’ Hall was a working brew house and malting facility, set up along with all the other machinery, equipment and products required by the trade.

In 1883 Otto C. Wolf established himself as a brewery architect and engineer. The comprehensive list of projects executed by his firm is impressive. Over the course of his career, from 1883 until his death in 1917, numerous articles appeared in

Most projects were concentrated on the east coast, but they eventually spanned the continent and beyond. His obituary in The Western Brewer in January of 1917 states that he completed 572 projects during a thirty-year career; this writer has been able to identify 487 projects thus far.

In 1891 he published an illustrated book with drawings of "works executed" which is now in the collection of the Canadian Center for Architecture in Montreal.

In 1906 he published a second volume with photographs: Otto C. Wolf, Breweries and Allied or Auxiliary Buildings by Otto C. Wolf (1906)

These two sources, along with numerous ads with lists of projects and articles in trade journals showcasing new projects, give us a nearly complete picture of his career.

Here is a link to download a PDF of an article I did about Otto C. Wolf for the British Journal Brewery History Magazine.

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Many of Wolf's breweries appear on the poster Philadelphia Breweries 1896 available through:
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