LRD 110 TWIN Camper System
From daily driver to overlander in 3 minutes! The LRD 110 TWIN Camper System is easy to fit and requires no drilling, the clever design simply locks together. The system is designed to be fitted or removed by one person in just 3 minutes, perfect for last minute weekend escapes!

The TWIN Camper System fits in the back of all Defender 110’s (1983 – end of production). Made from Birch Multiplex with a Graphite HPL coating the TWIN Camper System features an integrated Kitchen module, which includes two 50cm long drawers. In the top drawer a gas cartridge cooker (which can also be removed) and in the bottom drawer cut foam inlay means no rattles from plates or cutlery. The drawers have push button fasteners that secure them, keeping closed no matter the angle your Defender ends up at! The TWIN Camper System folds out to create a sleeping area 200cmx132cm and features a mattress of high quality cold foam (80mm/3.1″ thick) with black upholstery. You can fold the system up for 5 seats for travelling, with plenty of storage space under the system.

When removed from your 110 the LRD 110 TWIN Camper System is compact to store, using less than 0.5m(s) of space (that’s about the same as a set of tyres).

Hand made in Germany to order.
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