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5 Awesome Ways to Make Moving Fun | by octaviosatterfield
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5 Awesome Ways to Make Moving Fun

Moving your home from one place to another is one of the most #challenging parts of #adulthood. It is a fact of life that everyone experiences at one point or another and one that most people do not enjoy. As with all challenges, the best way to deal with them is to look for the opportunities that are hidden within them. While moving is challenging it is also a perfect opportunity to have fun. To set the pace of this new period of change below are awesome ways that you can introduce fun before the actual task of moving day comes around.


1. Throw a “Pre-Moving Away Party” with your closest family and friends.


No matter if you are moving down the street or across the globe there is no better way to celebrate the transition from old to new than with a party. As mostly everyone will be asking many questions in regards to your move and want to be updated on how things are progressing, having a party to share information and get everyone up to speed at once of the status of your move is a perfect way to get this accomplished. The party can be a get together where everyone can talk, reminisce, discuss, joke and laugh. Ask party-goers to bring shipping boxes as gifts because there are never enough boxes for any move.


2. Visit your Neighborhoods Favorite Places for the Last Time


Make the time to select several of your favorite places and go visit them for the last time. Take pictures to commemorate why you enjoy the place. Bring along some friends to make the last visits memorable and festive.


3. Reward Yourself in the Process


Most people put off a reward to a successful move after everything is complete, however, most people generally feel exhausted and have no desire to celebrate after a move. Once moved there are still always loose ends and additional tasks related to putting everything in the proper place and redecoration that last a couple of more weeks and delay the whole moving process from being completely settled. So, rewarding yourself halfway through the #move is a good way refresh and stay motivated. Scheduling a move to happen over two days gives you enough time for the unexpected and the ability to rest in between which in itself is a reward. Go to the movies, to reset your thoughts. Attend a concert or go to a nice restaurant for a good meal.


4. Keepsake Your Old Home Memories


Take the time to reflect on all the good times, that were had in your old home. Take lots pictures to catalog how you lived. Document what the yard looked like, the view of the sunrises, sunsets or things that you might anticipate you will miss to ease the transition. Dedicate certain #shipping #boxes to hold keepsakes and old memories and those boxes you will not have to unpack at the new destination.


5. Become Your Own Interior Designer


Make #decisions that build excitement for the new move. Plan for how the new place will look with your stuff. Possibly decide to not take all your old #furniture or #decorations that do not fit into the new plan. Have a garage sale to get rid of things that do not support your vision, use the money spend on some new items. Consider what things you no longer use and choose not to pack things that can be donated or should be thrown away.

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Uploaded on October 30, 2017