Visual Passion Duo: The Doors
Mikel Frank and Gerard Amsellem

Curated by Jeremy Moss

ON DISPLAY: MON, MAR 4 - SUN, APR 28, 2019


LIVE PAINTING: FRI, APR 12 5:30 – 8:00PM
The Visual Passion Duo create a new painting on doors to live music accompaniment in the SOPAC Loft.

This exhibition is the culmination of works created by Gerard Amsellem and Mikel Frank since their collaboration began in 2010. The large-scale paintings are done on door panels ranging in size from 18” inches wide to 120” wide and all are the standard height of 80”. Gerard and Mikel enjoy sharing their collaboration with the community and have created many of the works in the exhibition in front of an audience. They both feel that by working together to create a collaborative piece a “third artist” is present, signifying the real magic of collaboration.
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