caught ya! wonder what he did!

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  1. Arciteka 102 months ago | reply

    By the looks of it he wasn't up to anything good, but in this city you never know.

  2. Ben Mostyn [deleted] 102 months ago | reply

    wowsers.. drama.. great shot! Very photojournalistic.. the dude on the ground's like 'oh crap'..

  3. ABMJG 102 months ago | reply

    Flickring around this morning, lookin good.


  4. theambershow 102 months ago | reply

    damn! that police officer is LOCKED with your camera! great capture!

  5. CarolynSerrano 102 months ago | reply

    Thanks guys! Yeah, serious drama! You can't ever walk around the city and not have something going on. =)

  6. mintyfreshflavor 102 months ago | reply

    the expressions on both the perp and the cop's faces are priceless.

  7. Tom's photolog 102 months ago | reply

    That's a good picture!

  8. Rick Elkins 102 months ago | reply

    Great street photography, the perfect moment! I just love all the expressions you got here! I wonder if the cop is wary of being photographed due to worry about it being proof of not following proper procedure, or evidence in a lawsuit or any of the other things a photo might be used for.

  9. CarolynSerrano 102 months ago | reply

    Thanks Minty, Beckon, Rick!

    Rick, I'm sure those things were crossing his mind. I actually got alerted to the whole thing when I heard one of the market vendors yell out, "He's NOT resisting! He's not resisting!" So of course I turn and look and this is what I caught. Interesting! I was nervous to post it at first, but then a friend reminded me we live in a free country and it was on public property, so no biggie.

  10. VINOdelacruz 102 months ago | reply

    galeng, this is what street photography all about, real life drama!

    Tatak ng Pinoy!
     Larawang Pinoy
    ...Seen in Larawang Pinoy

  11. first_step... shooting again 102 months ago | reply

    nice shot! candid!

    Tatak ng Pinoy!
     Larawang Pinoy

  12. Espinal Photography 102 months ago | reply

    OH, wow! Great capture to say the least.
    This is a great shot.
    The officer is looking right at you. How did you feel?

    Yeah, I wonder what he did too.

  13. 3 Suns 102 months ago | reply

    Nice candid!

  14. CarolynSerrano 102 months ago | reply

    When the cop was staring straight at me, my first thought was, I allowed to do this?! I was afraid he'd tell the other 2 cops with him that I needed to get caught as well. Then I relaxed and thought about, no...get the shot...this is way cool!

    The cop in the picture I took on New Year's Eve was also looking at me!

    NYPD Times Sq (152  07-12-31) 11x14

  15. Kinabuhi sa NY 102 months ago | reply

    Your Photo is so cool!!
    We would like toINVITE your photo to be added at our NYC Street Photography.

    Thank You Very Much!!

  16. Lord_Darth_Vader 102 months ago | reply

    Great shot! And yes, There is always a cop staring at you when you photograph them. I guess your camera is a cop magnet!

  17. Tony Lea 102 months ago | reply

    You're very brave. I'm just beginning to get up the nerve to point my camera at people in the street!

  18. edgarjlaw 100 months ago | reply

    Superb candid street shot. I find it highly ironic that the policeman has a more sinister look than the guy he's arresting.


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    One Way to Heaven...

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  19. CarolynSerrano 100 months ago | reply

    That cop does look pretty tough huh?

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