2017 BWSC Mock Race
Photo credit: Mustapha & Joseph Kwan

After a week of a Bridgestone World Solar Challenge mock race from Glendambo - Coober Pedy - Marla - Northern Territory Border. We racked up a total of 1600km and increasing the hours for each of our drivers, it is crucial that each driver understands the car inside out and learns to acclimatise to the Australian heat. During our time, the team has learnt race procedures, how to communicate between each vehicle, how to overtake other vehicles, how to conduct a control stop, what to do when we approach a cattle grid or a road train and how to feed an team of 20! As they say 'Cars don't win races, teams do!' We also bumped into our friend's from Stanford Solar Car Project,
SolarCar Projekt | Hochschule Bochum and took a sneaky shot of The University of Michigan Solar Car Team famous semitrailer! Stay tuned for more updates as head into the Northern Territory and get a few days to rest before we arrive in Darwin! Next stop Mataranka hot springs! #BWSC17 #mockrace #GETHYPED #racetime
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