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Maintaining your Happy Mood through Home Decoration | by rudolphwulf
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Maintaining your Happy Mood through Home Decoration

Home decoration plays a vital role in setting up your mood, and this fact was tested and observed on 1000 people. We came across the findings that over 93% of the people were positively or negatively affected by their home decoration. It was also found that 54% of people do not decorate their homes as per their desires; this is because they felt that it was too expensive. We have seen that changing certain positions and styles for home goods can deviate your mood. So here we will be discussing on six simple tips, which are affordable and easily maintain your happy mood.


Bedrooms are also one of the most valuable assets for boosting your mood and we have observed that over 48% people have the same view about bedrooms. You can maintain simple stuff available in your bedroom, like change the lighting, bedding, add some colorful pillows. Additionally, you can apply faux stone to the walls of your room to give more character to the overall environment. This will create value to your room without exceeding your budget.


Offices should be decorated to have a healthy attitude and to have a positive mood. As we see that 46% of people were affected negatively, due to their office decoration. This could be avoided by the use of simple lamps and lighting as per the personality to create a positive sense of mood.


Living Rooms usually had a great impact on the mood. As we see that nearly 40% of people had improved their mood, just by adding and Air conditioning or a Cooler in their living area. This is not it, you can also make use of simple wall colors, make uses of vases, and frame wares to have a positive feeling and a happy mood.


Living Rooms when organized and well decorated, can be helpful in maintaining a happy mood of your families. This fact was observed in 22% of the people. Living rooms can be made better by utilizing fashionable new styles, adding functional storage solutions without ignoring style in it.


Dining Rooms were observed to create a positive and happy mood by just adding decorative accessories to it. This was seen in 37% of people. One can make dining rooms feel fresh by just using bold decoration accessories or unique materials to make your dining room better than before.


Kitchens should reflect the personal lifestyle so to make it look attractive and will make you smile every time you enter the space. It is also observed that almost 50% of people have one room that looks unfinished, even though it is fully furnished, the reason being they are not decorated as per the personal attitudes. Thus, if kitchens are decorated accordingly, then it will help you in having soothing and a fresh mood.


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Uploaded on February 7, 2017