World war II bunkers (2)

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    I rarely upload two pictures of the same place here on flickr but this one was very different. There are too many details here.....but the composition is simple.

    I tried to take a shot that made the bunker look more alive. The colours are a little desaturated and more punch is added to the contrast and light. This way I could make the texture look more WWII-like, and the field more like a war zone, desolated.
    The trees hiding the bunker helped a lot on the composition, that gives the bunker a "hiding" feeling and makes it look more distant by adding depth.
    The stairs end up correctly on the down right side of the image leaving straight out of the picture, indicating a connection to other bunkers bellow.
    The sky is blown out, because there is enough textures on the ground, otherwise it would get unbalanced by clouds and such.
    The colours on the ground reminding me on military colours, which also adds more "war" feeling to it.

    Tell me what you think about my explanation..... does it make any sense?
    Oh...and I have tried another kind of framing.......

    Anyway I hope you like it......

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    1. butch leitz 64 months ago | reply

      hey man, happy new year again...
      i liked the other one a little better, but your description of this one esp pointing out the steps was cool.
      This still seems a little washed out to me, but the problem when a bunch of photo editors sit around analyzing something thats a personal project like this: it all comes down to "what do YOU like with what you did with it". you see the original and this version side by side. we don't see that.

      this being said... i tried two experiments on this to see if it would change the way I felt about it: in the red box below, I selected this area, opened levels, raised the black some (which punched it up overall) but since I knew you were looking for that de-sat look, I pulled back on the mid tones, so really it's almost a wash except the blacks raise the shadows just a faint hint (see below). Then I selected another area (outlined with the blue box) where I didn't use levels, I opened curves, selected that rock in the lower right to be my black point, used the sky as a white point (which didn't change highlights at all) and this also punched the blacks more without damaging what I think was your overall look... although not seeing either of my hacks on the photo full size it's hard to tell.

      so, for what it's worth, example A and B...

      nevertheless, it's -your- vision, so, whatever.

    2. Jeff Engelhardt 64 months ago | reply

      I really like the processing here . . . you are really adding nice (and appropriate) mood to the subject . .

    3. katachthonios 64 months ago | reply

      I like the desaturated look with good contrast - it has a little bit of that first color photography look to it and definitely invokes a historical perspective. And I think you made the right call on the blown sky.

      The stairs give the whole thing scale - that's a massive installation for war.

      I really like reading about your thought process - it is very insightful.

      My only complaint (if you can call it that) is that w/o the photo yesterday (and, obviously, the title in the fame) I would have no idea what I was looking at (though it is still a neat photograph) - this is definitely a set .

    4. niccodeamus 64 months ago | reply

      i like it.
      has the 60 year old feel you are looking for, its bleak, massive.
      i cant see what butch has uploaded, failed for some reason..
      but a nice set

    5. Tony Gálvez 64 months ago | reply

      I like the desaturated colours and final result.
      Seen in my contacts' photos. (?)

    6. ps70 ...,,.,., 64 months ago | reply

      your description makes sense! It helps to understand the composition! Like it : image and your description!

    7. Sune P 64 months ago | reply

      Hi Nabaz

      Still don't like the frame... but never mind my opinion on that ;)

      As for the processing, I love and use contrast and desaturation a lot myself so the colours here are very much in my spirit.

      Regarding the explanation, I have mixed feelings about it. On one hand it is interesting reading about your (technical) thoughts on the picture. On the other hand it takes away the magic. Personally I don't write how I made the picture, it is not ment to be a secret, but I would like the viewer of my pictures to think of the picture and not how it was made. I mean of course there are the "how on earth did he do that" pictures, but those are relatively rare.

      Of course a text telling a story along with the picture is often nice, such as what you were doing there or something putting the picture into perspective.

      So I guess I would like to be able to first look at the picture with no technical explanation and then have teh option to read it if I was curious about how you made it.

      I guess you can boil it down to, at least for me, that the picture and the way I experience it is much more important to me than how you made it.
      How does it make me feel and how can I relate to it... for me it is more than just a picture of that bunker because I have been there and know the story of the place, it is pretty amazing there and I think of that trip when I see your picture.
      I agree with the WWII feel, but I actualy find the decay and worn concrete much more interesting... because part of that history is that it is soon 65 years ago that it ended.

      Of course I am biased, I have a thing for old concrete, just see my stream.

      Anyway I like this picture, still not the frame ;)


      PS. ooh this was a long one

    8. N A B A Z 64 months ago | reply

      Thank you Sune.... your comments and thought are always welcomed as usual.
      Thank you for your time my friend. :-)

    9. Sir Cam 64 months ago | reply

      thank you elaborating on your thinking behind the capture and pp. useful to know how you "see" this image. very well done! nothing wrong with shots from the same place, especially if there are as different as these two images.

    10. [Adam Baker] 64 months ago | reply

      I think your processing really took this shot to another level. I always enjoy reading about a fellow photographer's progress.

    11. Luis Avilés 64 months ago | reply

      Love the picture a lot. The explanations make a lot of sense to me. The overall result is cold, dreamy, I would suggest a distant memory of a type of war (not exactly up to date), and all of this is good.

    12. fexy01 (away for a while) 64 months ago | reply

      I like what you've done here, and although some comments above may be valid, I agree that it's your vision, and you've expressed it very well. The choice to desaturate is excellent in it's conception, and even better in it's execution.

    13. ABOORY  64 months ago | reply

      great shot!!

    14. jim270. 64 months ago | reply

      Wonderful shot, my friend! Thanks for sharing this piece of history.

    15. *~Yogini~Astra~* 64 months ago | reply

      very interesting!
      where did you take this photo?

    16. SBA73 49 months ago | reply

      Wonderful atmosphere!

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