Sugar & Salt - Biodesign workshop
What if we need to move to Mars one day? Limited sources and limited tools.
We need to be creative and act like a bio designer, a cross-pollination of nature, science and creativity. Bio design is what we do when we harness and reshape living things for human purposes. Today, the word is often associated with new, precise design practices made possible by genetic engineering and synthetic biology.
We are using the word to broadly include other aspects of designing products and processes using living things. Today we will prepare for this tour. How do you act like a bio designer? After some tips and tricks we set a challenge: Imagine that you are a bio designer with just 2 available resources: sugar and salt. The resources of life with a lot of possibilities, shapes, textures and appearances. What can we do with sugar and salt if this is the ‘only resource’ we have living on Mars. The assignment is to build with sugar or salt new structures for architecture, clothing or products. We will deliver some tools and you will reshape natural sources to new human purposes. As bio designers today we need to come up with new ideas, products, concepts and applications for space exploration and our near future.

Workshop leaders: Isaac Monte, Ermi van Oers and Emma van der Leest
When: woensdag 31 mei - 9.00 uur tot 17.00 uur
Where: Hybrid Forms Lab - VU University Amsterdam, de Boelenlaan 1081, Amsterdam
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