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Important Steps for Maintaining Healthy Relationship with Children | by winfredfortin
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Important Steps for Maintaining Healthy Relationship with Children

Parents dread the situations which makes them yell at the children or if it creates a condition for losing the #temperament. Some of the parents describe perceiving their children as the enemy and it makes it hard for them to control the tendency to shout at them. This does not mean that you are a bad person because we all lose temperament once in a while; however, if the frequency of your bad mood increases or goes beyond a limit, you may want to work on it. For example, if you get mad at your child for even mentioning the words like riding on a car or cars with remote control, you will need help. Therefore, parents should increase their awareness when it comes to maintaining and managing the relationship with children.


Though anger is an emotion present in everybody, however, if you use this excuse to take out the frustration on your children, it is not okay. Similarly, if you get into the habit of getting mad at others, you will tend to feel helpless or powerless, which will affect the other aspects of your life. For instance, your relationship with parents and children will be the direct outcome of it. Below mentioned are few of the steps to help you with children.


Being Vocal

It is okay if you get bothered by some of the habits of children, however, if you do not know how to express your concerns, it may add to your misery. But talking about your points of difference can help to sort it out. For instance, if it is the timing of watching TV or screen time or if the children are not going to the bed on time, you can clearly communicate these concerns to curb the triggers of anger or irritation. On the other hand, if you are not good at talking to your children, you will keep suffering and eventually, you may explode.


Improve Your Communication

If you fall into the category of parents who are just okay at communicating with the children, you may need assistance to figure out the deep-seated sources of that problem. For instance, if you feel hurt and you have not been able to tell the person responsible for it, you may feel sad and in that condition, even a small cause can make you lose the control. So, the best approach is to find the hidden source or cause and let your children know what you are struggling with so that they will be careful with you. Additionally, children can make the environment better for you in terms of dealing with your problems.


Furthermore, you can explain to the children when they delay #homework, it makes you concerned and completing the tasks in time is beneficial for children more than anybody else. The idea is that if you get better at conveying your thoughts and concerns, you will be able to get better at parenting and explain the hard things to children. Moreover, you can convince them to do things they struggle with. For example, helping you with dishes and cleaning and maintaining their bedrooms.


Taking Action

It is important to set the boundaries so that your #parenting will not get in the way of regulating the children. However, if you get better at it, it is likely to improve your level of confidence and your ability to deal with children will also enhance. The main point is to make it easy for you to implement rules and get the best outcomes. Even though you may not find it easy to make these changes but with confidence, the parenting goals can be achieved. Similarly, learn to negotiate with your children. It does not imply that you can impose your will on the children; however, if you talk to them from a position of strength, the chances of getting your way will increase. Moreover, if you involve the children in house chores, you can teach them the right way of doing things and why it is important to cooperate.


Permanent Solutions

If you encounter a situation in which you are forced to find solutions to the same problems, you can change the strategy. If one delves into the causes or root cause of the problem, it may demand a permanent or long-term solution. For example, if your child is not doing well in studies despite all the efforts made to help him/ her, you can change the style of teaching. However, if you do not learn from the same episode, it will make you anxious and frustrated.


If you want to acquaint your children with new things and build their character, you will have to do it strategically so that it will not bore the children. For instance, if you want the children to focus on reading, you can make sure that the music is not on. Similarly, if they are supposed to meet a deadline, you can provide them the required conditions.


In simple words, you will be expected to differentiate between the short-term and long-term goals, if you can do it, it will guide you in finding the best solutions. If you can look at the problem or tension with the child from a big perspective, it can also facilitate you in coming up with a new solution.



You cannot make your relationship with #children perfect because parenting is a tiring job and if you are not ready for it or properly equipped to deal with hard instances, it may continue to make you feel helpless. That being said, calculated steps in accordance with the needs of your family can fill those gaps and make your relationship healthy. The connection of your children and your relationship with the parents is the key. Therefore, if you want to make changes, start from your relations with the grandparents of the children. Likewise, your communication skills can also make a huge difference in influencing the children and to find best solutions for the weak parts.


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Uploaded on May 24, 2017