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    Of all the bad reviews I've ever incurred (and there have been a few), this is my fave. The reviewer has a point; where did I get the raw fucking nerve to charge a dollar (postpaid) for a fanzine? I especially like how "PK" was so angry, so discombobulated with rage, that the word "text" has been typed "next". Think about that for a moment. No matter which direction your fingers move, the "T" key is at least 3 keys away from the "N" key. This is no ordinary typo. My thoughtless price-gouging actually drove the reviewer into such an infuriated frenzy that his or her hands had some sort of mini-stroke. The landscape below is from a nice trip I and my wife took to Death Valley years later, and represents, perhaps, the road to healing after this very dark incident in my personal narrative.

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