Large Marine Ecosystems Approach: An Essential Management and Partnership Tool for Achieving SDG14
UNDP/UNESCO-IOC/GEF/FAO/Benguela Current Commission (BCC)

This session presented an overview of GEF-funded Large Marine Ecosystems (LMEs) today, outlining the successful transboundary approaches that have the potential to enable implementation of SDG 14. A technical segment focused on the SDG14 targets themselves, and how they can be achieved in the respective LME partnerships across the globe. A keynote speech defined the concept of LME and charting its future, followed by a facilitated, interactive dialogue featuring LME practitioners from various regions and agencies as well as the audience itself. Discussants included representatives from LMEs in the Caribbean Sea, Bay of Bengal, Canary Current, Benguela Current and Mediterranean. The session also highlighted new LME partnership opportunities emerging in the period leading up to 2030.
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